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BH-905 with cable: bad quality!

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BH-905 with cable: bad quality!

Hi, I bought this pair of headphones. I am using it with an iphone. No problems when I use it in bluetooth mode ( very good sound ) but I have problems when I am using it with the audio cable ( CA-143U ). When I completely plug the cable into the headphones sound is very bad, like distorted. I have to manually unplug a little bit the cable in order to have good sound. I tried with the macbook and I have the same problems.

The fact is that the cable in this conditions is not in a stable position and just a little movement can make it fall from the headphones.

This was a problem that I encountered on the first pair of headphones. Thinking in a defective product I sent it back, requiring a replacement. I received today the replacement but still the same problem!!!

Some suggestions?


( I need to use the cable as in the plane bluetooth mode is not allowed ).



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Re: BH-905 with cable: bad quality!

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The CA-143U cable is designed for use with Nokia handsets which have a different configuration on the 3.5mm jack socket.


Jack plugs for Nokia phones have 3 black bands which are connectors for:


audio out (right)

audio out (left

microphone (for calls)



Standard MP3 players etc. do not have the microphone connector so the 3.5mm plugs have only 2 black bands


To use these headphones with a non-Nokia device, you should attach the inbox adaptor AD-63


This should then ensure the connectors are aligned.


I do not have experience of the Iphone personally but hopefully this will solve the issue.


More details of the adaptors are available in the user guide.



Kind Regards

Message Edited by confiture on 26-Jan-2010 04:55 PM
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Re: BH-905 with cable: bad quality!

How did you manage to pair the BH-905 to the Iphone?

My Iphone does not see the headset at all !:smileymad:

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Re: BH-905 with cable: bad quality!



Have you put the BH-905 in pairing mode?


This will leave the blue light flashing, then it will be visible to a handset.


From the user guide:

To pair the headset if it has been previously paired with a device,
ensure that Bluetooth connectivity is deactivated on the headset,
and press and hold the multifunction key (for about 5 seconds) until
the blue indicator light starts to flash quickly.


Within about 3 minutes, activate Bluetooth connectivity on your
mobile device or music player, and set it to search for Bluetooth
devices. For instructions, see the user guide of your device .
Select the headset from the list of found devices on your mobile
device or music player.

If necessary, enter the passcode 0000 to pair and connect the
headset to your device. If your device does not have a keypad, it may
use this passcode by default.
In some devices, you may need to make the connection separately
after pairing. You only need to pair the headset with your device
If pairing is successful, the headset appears in the menu of your device
where you can view the currently paired Bluetooth devices.
When the headset is connected to your device and is ready for use, the
Bluetooth indicator light flashes blue slowly.
You can pair the headset with up to eight devices but connect it to only
one device supporting the HFP Bluetooth profile and another device
supporting the A2DP Bluetooth profile at a time.



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Re: BH-905 with cable: bad quality!

With the CA-143U cable the iPhone seems to see the BH-905 as a mono set of telephony headphones with microphone. If you insert the AD-63 adapter then the iPhone sends high-quality sound. I haven't tried to make calls with the cable, however, since the bluetooth connection works just fine.


Pairing with the iPhone works well. Just put the phones into discoverable mode (see previous post), then go to Settings, General, Bluetooth (and turn on Bluetooth if not alreadly on). The iPhone continuously scans for new Bluetooth devices and the BH-905 should appear. Tap on the line for the BH-905 and the iPhone will negotiate a paring. You'll hear a couple of single beeps on the phones. Go to iPod mode and play something. If the sound quality is poor, stop and restart the playback: this always establishes a high quality sound for me.

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Re: BH-905 with cable: bad quality!

I have exactly the same problem. I have filed a service request that was elevated to the supervisor of customer support ("Joyce"). She says all she can say is "go to Amazon". Well, guess what, Amazon doesn't have the cable and the headset is discontinued. I must have bought a dozen Nokia products over the years, but this is the last unless they replace the cable.

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