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Ck 7 and toyota avensis.

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Ck 7 and toyota avensis.

hi all


i have a nokia ck 7 kit fitted in my toyota avensis 02. it was fitted when i got the car but it is not wired into an ignition sense ie the blue wire is not connected nor is the yellow. i was wondering could anyone help me on where exactly to connect the ignition wire which is handy for me. and also if it is possible where do i connect the mute wire to there stero to mute the radio as a call comes in..

thanks in advance

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Re: Ck 7 and toyota avensis.


Check the Advanced Car Kit CK-7W User Guide/Installation Guide from here ( It's all very well explained there with wiring diagram included (starting from page 15 - Cable set).


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Re: Ck 7 and toyota avensis.

I would say at this point...... Are you confident in taking the radio out? If you are you will find an ign and the mute located on the rear of the radio. The mute is which is only on certain models, is on the smaller plug in a vacant hole next to the White wire. The ign you will find on the larger plug. I think it's grey, sorry I can't remember to honest. An ign can also be found at the cigar lighter. Best to check with a meter. Sorry to be vague. The blue wire is ign and the yellow is mute on the car kit. If you are struggling, then I would advise you calling your local Nokia Accredited Engineer who will be more than happy to help! see: hope this helps
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Re: Ck 7 and toyota avensis.

inekar is correct the ignition wire can be found at the cigar lighter and is grey, this is easier to get to than removing the radio, most of the avensis radio's did not have mute and if you start probing around to see if you can find it you may damage the radio, i would suggest you get a advanced mute lead installer which would allow the phone kit sound to come through the car speakers and mute the radio. Any Nokia accredited engineer would be able to do this.



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