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Crosstalks (bad separation) in audio adapters

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Crosstalks (bad separation) in audio adapters

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I used HS-23 and HDS-3 for my Nokia 6085. They were very good*. But I imagined that I want to use standard 3,5mm headphones. So I bought Nokia AD-46 audio adapter. After I connected it to phones and mobile I was very surprised. There were crosstalks in the headphone! There was not total separation between left and right chanel. 90% of stereo audio adapter? I sent back this rubbish audio adapter to seller.


After few days of serching information in internet I saw a post about AD-41 audio adapter. He wrote that it also has crosstalk. He opened adapter, and saw that both (minus) exits from bridge amplifier** were connected, which is something wrong and it gave such crosstalk.


Now, I thinking about buying AD-45 audio adapter. But I am not sure is this worth to play with it? Do you have it and you know that they are really made with electronic art and are 100% stereo?


And last question, not for answering, is: what is reason for buying 90% stereo audio adapters for using it with very good and expensive 3,5mm headphones?


For testing headphones I have a special mp3 file. It has one tone (about few hundreds hertz) which is heart first in left channel, and after that in right channel. I started using it because Nokia phones teaches me that stereo phones can be mono or 90% stereo :smileyhappy:


* - they were good, because it was written that they are stereo, and they are really stereo

** -  I am not sure is this correct terminology

Message Edited by jck123 on 19-Jun-2009 10:37 AM
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