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Re: Faulty Nokia Monster WH-920 Purity headset - C...

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Faulty Nokia Monster WH-920 Purity headset - Care Centre Doesn't Care

I won the black Nokia Monster WH-920 Purity headset at the Window into event last May (30/05/12) , there is no sound coming out of the left earplug. The product has a 12 month warranty but on taking it to Care point in Kilburn and are refusing to arrange a replacement or to help further because the serial number brings up no data on their system. Essentially I am the victim of a procedural error and the lack of support from the care centre shows no care at all!


I am not a happy customer. Can someone take ownership of the issue and get in touch please?

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Re: Faulty Nokia Monster WH-920 Purity headset - Care Centre Doesn't Care



Interestingly I received a free WH-920 and although it says 12 month warranty upon the box, letter included from Matt Channing (Head of Customer Care UK) intimated that only a 6 month warranty was applicable which is standard for Nokia accessories; as it has not been purchased there are I believe no statutory rights applicable.

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Re: Faulty Nokia Monster WH-920 Purity headset - Care Centre Doesn't Care

Nokia must do this a lot, I won a competition recently too. I recieved a phone, bluetooth speaker and WH-920 headphones. Phone seems fine so far. However both speakers and headphones are obvious returns from unhappy customers. Both packages have two security stickers, one put on top of the previously cut open other sticker!! My headphones are stuck in mic mode i believe as the sound is distance and echoey. When i hold the button on the control down the sound is perfect. Also the speakers picks up loads of interference and skips even though the phone is sat next door to it! I've sent a e-mail to Nokia, I wonder if I will get a reply.

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