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Re: Google Navigation Speech Directions through No...

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Google Navigation Speech Directions through Nokia Bluetooth Car Kit

My HTC Wildfire S mobile phone works OK with my Nokia CK-7W bluetooth car kit, but it does not work with the Google Navigation speech directions which just come through the mobile's speaker.  Is it necessary to have an A2DP Bluetooth profile Car Kit for the Navigation directions to come through the car speakers?  I understand that the CK-7W is not A2DP compliant, and nor is the CK-200, but the CK-100 does have the A2DP profile.  If I upgrade my car kit to the CK-100 will it work with the Google navigation speech directions?  Is it a simple upgrade from CK-7W to CK-100? - will the existing CK-7W audio, power and microphone plugs fit iinto the CK-100 control box?  My car has an Autoleads telemute lead connecting to the CK-7W control box and directing the audio to the front car speakers.  The CK-100 control box appears to have a large 24 pin ISO connection socket - can I leave this disconnected if I use the existing telemute lead?


I'd appreciate any help!  Thanks,  Ian. 

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Re: Google Navigation Speech Directions through Nokia Bluetooth Car Kit



Unfortunately resident ICE expert confiture is no longer upon the forum, but this thread may give you a bit of information:/t5/Accessories-Car-Phones-and-Other/E71-with-CK-100-better-than-CK-7W/m-p/553678/highlight/true#M15...

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