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Mobile Hotspot, yes its true!

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Mobile Hotspot, yes its true!

For the past several months I have been using my booklet to host wifi hotspots for various needs. First I was configuring the hotspot using the windows "NETSH" command and some manipulation of the adapter settings, but there is a much easier way. Here is the scoop so you can do it too.


The program is called Connectify, and its free. It sets up a virtual wifi mainpoint on your laptop, and because the booklet 3g has a wifi card and a 3g modem, it sets up a connection (much like an adhoc connection) and shares the internet form the 3g connection broadcasting it thru the wifi modem. The process is made simple by a walk thru wizard. 


Interesting enough, if you didn't know that you could broadcast with your wifi card, well good news. You can! This little piece of info will let you set up Local WLAN for sharing without wires if your needs require such a thing.


Here is the link. Check it out and enjoy.


Please note that you can surf pretty fast, when AT&T isnt capping internet download and upload speeds (think your not affected by the iPhone 4? THINK AGAIN! AT&T has admitted that their is a problem with 3G speeds in both th up and down stream. Read this article and see for yourself...   ).

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Re: Mobile Hotspot, yes its true!

good post m8



and thanks for the link.





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Re: Mobile Hotspot, yes its true!

Thank you my friend and god bless you

phones i have 2730c - C1
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Re: Mobile Hotspot, yes its true!

I had problems with Connectify,it messed up my connections, and it takes time to switch on and off - I have found a much more simple method using 2 bat files on my desktop, one to switch on, and one to switch off.  You just need to use the Virtual Wifi adapter as a Hotspot. The beauty is that you can still use your wireless adapter on your Booklet at the same time without affecting anything.


This is what you put in your "Hospot On.bat" file (Substitute "Your Hotspot Name" with the name you want for your hotspot, excluding quote marks, and substitute "Your Password" with the password you want to set, also excluding quote marks - it's just two lines):


netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid="Your Hotspot Name"  key="Your Password"
netsh wlan start hostednetwork


That's all you need, just 2 lines, then the other thing you need to do is go into your Network Adapters, right click on the Mobile Broadband Connection and set it up to share through Wireless Connection 2 (Note Wireless Connection 2, the Microsoft Virtual Wifi Mniport).

That's it, so simple!


Then set up a Hotspot Off.bat fle on your desktop, which has just one line to switch it off when you don't need.  The line in the file is:


netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

I found this just so much easier, and it's instant On/Off. So any time you want to share your mobile 3G, just launch Hotspot On.bat, and when you want it off just launch Hotspot Off.bat...couldn't be easier



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Re: Mobile Hotspot, yes its true!

My nokia booklet are using windows 7 starter.   I have installed Connectify.   However, i can't find any 3G connection in the configure.   Could anyone tell me the solution ??? Many many .... thanks.

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Re: Mobile Hotspot, yes its true!

does noch work with my nokia 3g

I already informed connectify - maybe it depends on the provider, but I cannot find my 3g connection to provide in the list



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