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Re: N900 and HCB-108 Bluetooth Car Handsfree --> F...

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N900 and HCB-108 Bluetooth Car Handsfree --> Fail

Hello all!


Today I bought an HCB-108 bluetooth handsfree Car speaker that I intend to use with my N900.

(Yes, I'm aware that this bluetooth speaker is a SE product),

but it actually appears to work perfect with other Nokia phone models. Besides, these kind of things should just work

with a phone of a different brand and maker. This is a standardized bluetooth feature.


With the N900 it does pair flawlessly with the HCB-108 unit, but the sound once receiving a call is so terrible that

you cannot hardly hear what the person is saying at all.

The voice is completely garbled (sounds like some kind of strange robot), the voice is very choppy and there is awful acoustic feedback coming out. The problem is the same in both directions (the voice is choppy in both ends).


I'm pretty sure we have a general N900 problem here, and it would be interesting to hear from the support (or R&D) in

this forum whether they intend to fix this. This cannot be the only audio product having problems with the N900.


Dude, I like my N900, but I've paid a lot of money for it and these things should just work out of the box.


BTW, has anyone got any other make of car speaker working with the N900 yet?




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Re: N900 and HCB-108 Bluetooth Car Handsfree --> Fail

I've got the same problem with the HCB-108.

I've already try to connect between a navigon GPS , but it is also not working.


I hope that it will be solved , because I'm always on the route.



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