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Re: Parrot CK3100

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Parrot CK3100

Hi, I have a parrot fitted in my car. N95 connects to it fine but I have no phonebook. This used to be automatic on all my other phones. Anyone know what setting I need to change to make this work.

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Re: Parrot CK3100

Hi biohazard

You need to install Nokia 810 Contacts Download application on device to push phonebook across available here:

You need to delete existing pairings and start again when this application is running if I remember process correctly.

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Re: Parrot CK3100

Thanks again scoobyman.
Was realy annoying me this one. Every other phone I have had has done this automatically. Seems the N95 aint as good as it should be.
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Re: Parrot CK3100

As you may see, no one answered your inquiry for few years!
The problem is that None of the Nokia phones based on Symbian operating system works with Parrot hands free units (all models) correctly. One time they work and one time they won't. After 10-20 phone calls, it would not work again. You must shut down your phone, turn it on again and it would work again for only 10 - 20 calls.
This is a known bug in the Symbian Digital bluetooth profile. The Parrot units are usually linked on this profile. If you will link it on the Analog profile of the parrot, it would work perfectly.However, you won't have the Voice dialing and some other features which exist ONLY in the bluetooth digital profile. It also exist on other "smart" bluetooth car kits which use the digital profile like Motorola etc.

Many inquiries were made to Nokia to solve that bug (for few years - I sent some by myself). However, they do not have any interest to solve the problem. Parrot is a competitor to Nokia and Nokia would like to sell the CK-600 unit which in some mystirious ways goes around those bugs and looks exactly like the Parrot CK-3200.
The fact is that all other phones, pocket PC's, Iphones and some Nokia phones not based on the digital bluetooth profile work with all Parrot car kits and only Symbian phone's don't. Read other forumms and you'll see the same problems described there again and again.

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Re: Parrot CK3100

you can still send the phone book to the parrot by marking all the contacts and sending them as a business card.



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