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Sync contacts with bluetooth from N8 to Mercedes u...

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Sync contacts with bluetooth from N8 to Mercedes using ViseeO



I know there are loads of discussions on here about the downloading and synchronisation of contacts via bluetooth towards / with build in carphone systems. Tried about every tip on here, but nothing worked.


So gonna ask again:  Has anyone on here has any experience with syncing contacts from a n8 to a mercedes W211 (old model e-class) which has the 6310i cark installed and is fitted with a ViseeO mbu-1000?


Pairing works fine, Calling works fine, its just the sync of the contacts. It would allready help if someone knows how to send single contacts via bluetooth without having to use the "send as business card" option, which the viseeo does not understand.




ps. I allready tried the 810 contact downloads app.

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Re: Sync contacts with bluetooth from N8 to Mercedes using ViseeO



Welcome to the forum!


It may simply be that firmware on your Visee0 MBU1000 needs upgrading, don't know from which country you are posting but I would suggest that you contact either Richard or Alfie at whom can probably give you definitive answer to this.

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Re: Sync contacts with bluetooth from N8 to Mercedes using ViseeO

I used to have to push the contacts from my Nokia N8 to my ViseeO MBU-1000, until the Symbian Anna system update for the N8. Now my contacts are automatically synched.

You may also need to re-pair the phone and ViseeO MBU-1000.

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