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ck200 and motorola

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Accepted Solution

ck200 and motorola

Ok, the motorola is a red herring. My phone works perfectly with the works vehicles all with nokia ck100. The voice lady says" phone connected, player connected" and i can play my playlists crystal clear through the vehicle speakers.

So i bought the ck200 for my car.

hmphhhh, does everything except connect the player and play music through the speakers.

It asks me for commands and finds the play list but will only play them through the phone.

I have selected the use speakers for everything option in the setup or media menu.

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Re: ck200 and motorola

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CK-200 is a mono, calls only kit.

It does not have A2DP (Stereo music over Bluetooth) function.

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Re: ck200 and motorola

OMG i never thought the ck200 would have less features than the ck100.

Id read so many forums where it said the ck200 streamed media....

For sale, one ck200 :smileysad: Disappointed.

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Re: ck200 and motorola



What forums have said the CK-200 will stream music?? Can you list them below please.

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Re: ck200 and motorola

Sorry for delay, I wasnt actually intending on coming back to the forum, but here are two examples found very quickly.


scroll down to near the end "Overall thoughts on this kit"




scroll down to "the ck-200 in use.

"Using voice commands on your Nokia handset (dependant on model), with one touch operation from the CK-200 you are able to tell your phone a command (that it recognises) and it will perform an action, such as read new Text Messages/Email or even play music from your mobile, which of course can then be streamed via Bluetooth to your car stereo."



I researched many reviews.


It got me nowhere ultimately because i was born with the genetic flaw that didnt give me  prelearnt knowledge that A2dp was what i needed. :-(







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Re: ck200 and motorola

Nokia and other bluetooth sellers under the technical stuff for the ck200 post this


Speaker output

  • Integrated in-car sound; CK-200 audio amplifier connects directly to car loudspeaker system.


As a lay person, I (not unreasonably) assumed that meant the same as the  reviews listed above, that all the phone audio goes through to the speakers.(including music like the ck100)

As a lay person it really isnt obvious to me that if A2DP isnt listed it means music isnt included.


This isnt a blame thing BTW, just a mutual understanding thing.

I use independant reviews as often they speak my language.(english not geek english)


The last mistake of mine was that usually when a technical product is released, and then a mk2 version is released later, the mk 2 version has all the features of the first plus more.


eg Apple didnt bring out an ipad with wifi connectivity, only to take it away on the next version up.