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5130 e-mail setup no settings found

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5130 e-mail setup no settings found

i am unable to get the settings of yahoo and ovi mail when i try to use the email setup wizard. it always says no settings found at the Nokia server. press ok 4 more options. when i click yes, it asks me if i would like to enter the d settungs manually. but i don't know what the settings are. am i d only 1 who experience this? pls help....

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Re: 5130 e-mail setup no settings found

first you must have a current data plan for the email app to work
Before you can use e-mail, you must have an e-mail
account and the correct settings. To check the availability
and the settings of your e-mail account, contact your email service provider. You may receive the e-mail
configuration settings as a configuration message

for ovi

* After that you need to press the left soft key and select Options from the menu that appears.
* Then from the options menu select the "Add mailbox" option.
* You will now see an prompt that says "Do you have an e-mail address you want to use on your phone?"
* Now from the popup that appears on your screen choose the "No" option when asked.
* Now, the email sign-up wizard will now appear.
* After that you need to enter your login, password and other personal details and sign up for a new Ovi account. Save these details.
* Then you will see the email setup wizard will now guide you through the remaining steps.
* Now the final step will configure your phone for use with your Ovi Mail account.
* Now you can send and recieve mails from within the new Ovi mailbox that appears in your Messaging application.

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Re: 5130 e-mail setup no settings found

i know i have the right settings and an active data plan. How do i get the config message frm Ovi? B4 i can use e-mail feature of 5130 but now i can't.
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Re: 5130 e-mail setup no settings found

i fyou are trying to use the nokia messaging, that may be the error right there.

be sure you follow jimmyirelands instructions which will help you bypass the TOS (terms of service) and enter the inbound/outbound settings for your email addresses.

for ovi mail:

Port 993

Port 465

for yahoo: has to be set up as an imap.

security ports off
port - default

security off
port - default

outgoing server requires login (use the same settings as your inbound) ***unless you are in USA on Tmobile.***

for yahoo, you can also use these settings for the ports:


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Re: 5130 e-mail setup no settings found

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pls send me email settings













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