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8800 Arte. I can't delete number of voice mail

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8800 Arte. I can't delete number of voice mail

Hello! I've entered the voice mail number (messages->voice messages->voice mail numer). I can only change this number, but not delete. How to leave this field empty? Default parameters didn't help

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Re: 8800 Arte. I can't delete number of voice mail

If you subscribe to voice mail (network service), your service provider furnishes you with a voice mailbox number. The number may be populated in your phone during the activation process. If not, you need to save this number to your phone to use voice mail. When you receive a voice message, your phone lets you know by beeping, displaying a message, or both. If you receive more than one message, your phone shows the number of messages received.:smileywink:

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Re: 8800 Arte. I can't delete number of voice mail

did you try

Menu > Messaging > Voice Messages > Voice mailbox no
type in whateve or leave blank

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