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Re: Asha 311 USB Tethering speed only 128 kbps.

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Asha 311 USB Tethering speed only 128 kbps.

I purchased Asha 311 a couple of months back. It is giving me horrible times. I have Airtel PostPaid connection. It gives me 7.2 mbps speed when inserted into a USB modem or another Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro phone. But, when it is inserted into Asha 311, the speed drops to 128 kbps. My sim card has already been replaced twice. I have formatted my PC, running Windows 8 Professional. The problem is with phone itself. Even Nokia Care people have found nothing wrong with the phone except low speed of internet. They are taking my complaint with a grain of salt and just updated my software. But, the problem persists. What can be wrong? Does anyone have an answer?

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Re: Asha 311 USB Tethering speed only 128 kbps.

was reading elsewhere that people are getting way beyond that speeds when using phones own browser to DL something.


so your problem sounds somewhat related to the USB and how the phone uses that. 

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Re: Asha 311 USB Tethering speed only 128 kbps.

Well.. I can confirm that the speeds are quite good.
Instead of talking about the band speed, let me come straight to the download speeds. I'm getting over 250+ Kbps of download speeds when using it at non-peak hours (late night). And i believe my network is not allowing me access to more higher speeds and there's nothing wrong with the modem.

A connection tethered from the phone via means of USB cable is not to be compared with a USB modem, but the USB tethering isn't that bad as you're experiencing.

Are you sure that you're running on 3.5G and not 3G alone? Next make sure that in the modem settings (dev mgr), you select the highest available max speed for the Nokia USB Modem.

There could be a problem with the modem of your particular unit. How about Download Speeds on your phone? Try using UC browser and download a large file. It will show you the current download speeds. Let us know how much you're able to achieve.
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Re: Asha 311 USB Tethering speed only 128 kbps.

My nokia311 is giving me 8.9mbps speed there r nt any problm with it plz cnfrm first ,u r using it wid ur usb cable,nt blutooth.blutooth s nt give full speed, make sure u hve crrct usb cable,mke sure u hve 98% signal strenth bcs if u nt got powerfull signal then ur nt got full speed make sure u got 3.5g nt 3g onley nd mke sure u cn use it wid ur data plan ,nt wid free hack trics,smetime airtel lockd speed
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Re: Asha 311 USB Tethering speed only 128 kbps.

Dear GTTJ007, is it true that you are getting USB tethering speeds of about 8.9Mbps with Nokia Asha 311, because I am contemplating to buy one for my wife. Would be waiting for your reply. Thanks a lot.

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