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Bluetooth turning off automatically (on Nokia 6300...

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Bluetooth turning off automatically (on Nokia 6300)


I've just bought a Nokia 6300 and I've noticed that leaving Bluetooth on all the time chews up a lot of the battery charge. Rather than always having to do it manually, I'd like to be able to set the phone up so that Bluetooth is turned off automatically once the paired "headset enhancement" is switched off or too far away.

Is this possible through any Nokia Bluetooth settings? I've searched around the Connection Settings menus and couldn't find anything like that.

For example, my old phone, a SE68i (now almost 5 years old), had three settings for Bluetooth: on, off and automatic. On automatic, it turned off Bluetooth three minutes after the connection was broken (unless you confirm manually that you want to retain it). Can the 6300 do that too?

Thanks in advance

PS The "enhancement" in this case is a 2006 BMW 3 series, although I wouldn't have thought that was necessarily relevant (as it discovers automatically).

PPS Having solved above, I'd really also like Bluetooth on the phone to turn *on* automatically as well - as it did whenever there was an incoming call on the SE. Or, even better, as soon as the car/headset was turned set to discover!
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