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Challenging task of restoring appx. 3k disappeared...

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Challenging task of restoring appx. 3k disappeared messages of 6300

Dear experts,


I'd appreciate should you help me try to solve a well challenging task, that is.


Here's what happened: My elderly Nokia 6300 is not working as it used to, unfortunately, and thus I was having some freezing and recharging issues which resulted in an odd kind of phone restart after which I found my phone to be set to the default Nokia/Vodafone theme. That would not be such a big deal if all the sent messages (well over a thousand) and more than 2 thousand received ones had not been gone. They vanished into thin air, that is, my friends :smileyhappy: I was left with only 5 oldest (received) ones. Notes, most of settings, calendar items and contacts are there and healthy.


Nokia PC Suite only sees those 5 messages, and in its .db3 file no other can be found using SQL Lite Browser. Under any of the methos of USB/Bluetooth connection I was not able to see any files in the phone memory, and I did not manage to view the memory connected as a windows folder so I would have been able to try TestDisk, for instance. (Should that be even possible.)


I was hoping that Oxygen Phone Manager II, being a sort of a professional thing, could help. I managed to see the phone within the interface, load notes and other stuff, but when trying to red the messages I got no result, and moreover the program half-freezed and had to be restarted if wanted to be used properly afterwards.


I tried a couple of Linux (but Win32 binaries) command utilities (Wammu & Gnokii) but did not manage to reach the phone.


I guess we all know that as long as data are not replaced, they are not deleted. I simply need to get the whole segment of the phone memory where text messages are stored to the computer and then play with it. It may be partially ruined, but I do not believe that the messages are gone, as the programs try to tell me.


I'd greatly appreciate if you could think about this, thank you.

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Re: Challenging task of restoring appx. 3k disappeared messages of 6300

No ideas, gentlemen?

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