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Connect Nokia 1680c-2 to PC

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Connect Nokia 1680c-2 to PC

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Hi everyone :smileyhappy:


My mother accidentally deleted an important photo from her Nokia 1680c-2.  I have been searching on the internet and found several good file recovery software.


Tomorrow I should acquire the relevant cable that connects to the USB port of the computer.


My question is, how do you connect the phone to the computer?  I heard that one must install some kind of software, but which software?


Moreover, does the phone appear as a drive letter in Windows, because I read that I wouldn't be able to recover the photo if the phone does not appear as a drive letter?


Thank you.

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Re: Connect Nokia 1680c-2 to PC



Welcome to the forum!


Have a look at this post:/t5/Accessories-Car-Phones-and-Other/Nokia-1680-connectivity-with-PC-through-serial-cable/m-p/483762...


As it was never Nokia's intention for 1680Classic to be accessed this way, the issue is sometimes finding the correct "driver" for installation and use of acquired cable!

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