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How to copy my contacts to the SIM card?

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How to copy my contacts to the SIM card?

I have a problem... My phone is broken and there is no's a white screen, because probably is broken the line between the two parts of the phone.. whatever.. it is working but no screen ..


Can you tell me how to copy my contacts to the sim card on blind :smileyhappy:


I am sure that it is working, coz I turned it on although I dont see anything... please help me ... just give me the steps to do this :smileyhappy:

My phone is Nokia 6111

10x in advance 

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Re: How to copy my contacts to the SIM card?

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have you tried using pc suite to back up data from the phone

other option is to get new screen or to find somebody with the same phone and go through the proccess

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Re: How to copy my contacts to the SIM card?

Taking for granted that your right soft key is still Names, use the following key presses:


1)  Right Soft Key (Names)

2)  Left Soft Key (Options)

3)  Press down 8 times (Mark All)

4)  Middle Soft Key (Select)

5)  Left Soft Key (Options)

6a)  Middle Soft Key (Copy Marked) or

6b)  Press down 1 time and press Middle Soft Key (Move Marked)

7)  Press Middle Soft Key (Selecting From Phone to SIM)

8)  Middle Soft Key (YES)


Hope this helps.



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Re: How to copy my contacts to the SIM card?

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hello ... i got different issues but still in the topics on "managing contacts Nokia 6111"...

recently my phone battery is drop... and i have to wait till 6 month to buy a new one (since i'm working in remote areas), and luckily i still have another phone.

But when I attached a new battery, a problem is appear. I can't COPY my contacts from the phone into my SIM card. I try another SIM card, it's the same. When I try those SIM cards into my other phone (Nokia 5300) there's not problem with the SIM cards, it still can be accesed for copying contact both ways (from and into phone).


every time I try to copy the number it comes up with:


1. if I selected a contact then pressing Option > Copy > From Phone to SIM card > One by One > then choose a contact from phonrebook> Copy > Keep Original..... it failed and it prompted "1 contact not copied"


2. if I selected a number then pressing Option > Copy Number > Keep original..... it failed and it prompted "1 contact not copied"


3. even I choose to Move Original instead of Keep Original... it's still failed.


4. when i try to change the phonebook setting so the Memory in use is SIM card, then I input a number/contact and save it (into the SIM card)... it still failed with a prompt "Operation failed"


5. even when I decide to copy all my contacts in phone memory into SIM card... still it failed.


6. I try to reset the phone by using its default... still failed.


7. when I restored the phone setting and datas with the last backup i made it, still the same problem persist.


so plz help and tell me what's going on with my 6111. And again, both SIM card doesn't have any problem into 5300 or 6680 or another phone beside Nokia.


thank you very much.

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Re: How to copy my contacts to the SIM card?

Same problem here! Its an unlocked fone, I make calls normally, but can't copy or save anything to my SIM card. To ANY SIM card. In other fones it works perfectly. HELP!!!