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Nokia 6700 Classic and WiFi

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Nokia 6700 Classic and WiFi

Dear All,


I appologise if this has been raised elswhere.  I ahve read several reviews of the Nokia 6700 classic on the web and many refer to the phone as having WLAN / WiFi.  To confirm this I thought I would have a look on the Nokia site. but found problems in that one page noted it had WLAN and another did not.  I thus sent the following query in to the Nokia support team:



I have been looking at the Nokia 6700.  When I look at the products page ( it does not mention WiFi / WLAN.

However, when I use the compare feature to compare the 6700, 6300, 6306 and 6730, under connectivity the 6700 has a tick next to WLAN.

Firstly does the 6700 have WLAN / WiFi? Secondly, one of these pages/descriptions needs altering.



Today (24th June) I got the following reply:


 Dear Nick,

Thank you for contacting Nokia Care.

Greetings to you. I hope all is well with you.

In response to your email, please be advised that the Nokia 6700 does now support WLAN connectivity. The Nokia 6700 supports GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity, Nick.

I hope the above helps.

This doesn't answer the question and is far from clear.  It is implying that GPRS and Bluetooth are WLAN.  bluetooth is a Personal Area Network (PAN) and GPRS a WAN which connects to the base station. Even my students know that WLAN meand Wireless LAN and refers to, usually, 802.11 a, b, g, n.


So I still do not have the answer I want.  So let me put this simply, "Does the 6700 have WiFi (i.e. 802.11)?"




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Re: Nokia 6700 Classic and WiFi

nickbits wrote:
 So let me put this simply, "Does the 6700 have WiFi (i.e. 802.11)?"

No, that model does not have wi-fi.


The developer specs also confirm this:


Your best option for a "dumbphone" with wifi is the 6260 slide.
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