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Re: Nokia 8800 Sirocco - good or bad buy?

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Nokia 8800 Sirocco - good or bad buy?

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I'm thinking of entering into my first contract tomorrow and wanted an Nokia 8800 Sirocco
My friend works for a phone shop and can get me one on Orange.
Would anyone avoid it? I heard the battery life was terrible on the 8800, is it the same issue with the sirocco? Also, I have a N70 at the moment but don't use email, from reading the forum it appears people are having a lot of trouble with email? Is it something that goes wrong even if you don't use email?
Any advice would be very welcome

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Re: Nokia 8800 Sirocco - good or bad buy?

Ive read and heard from friends that the battery has been improved from the 8800 series although it is supplied with two batteries also.

I have the original 8800 and im very satisfied with it.

I dont use the camera and music,video and bluetooth functions which all add up to drain the battery.

I get 2-3 days from each battery.

The scricco has a better camera {which i dont use} and has the powersaver option cured. ie : it scrolls down the screen unlike the 8800 which does not which in time caused the lcd screen burn. It has also a better keypad, although im not sure about the thumb indentation on the

My advice is go for it and you have been offered a decent contract too !!

I would try for a 12 month contract tho.

Some users have experienced difficulty when attempting to use the e mail function as it disappeared from the menu system when accessed. If you use e mail from your service provider then ask to try a demo fone to see what happens.

I dont use it myself as my provider gets enough money from me as it

Good luck with your choice and yes im well jealous....
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Be happy !!
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