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Re: Nokia Asha 300 - a few issues

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Nokia Asha 300 - a few issues

I’ve just upgraded from a Nokis C2-01 to a Nokia Asha 300, and I’m having a few issues. I’m wondering if anyone can help with these, please?

1)      The menu function. On the C2 I could change the position of the various icons on the screen, so the ones I used the most were in the most convenient place. So far I haven’t worked out how to do this on the Asha. Does anyone know  how to do this please?

2)      I’ve imported several ringtones from my old phone onto the Asha. They are definitely there, as when I go to the Media player, and press the "all songs" function, they appear and I can play them. However, when I try and set one of them as my ringtone, they don’t appear on the list of alternatives to choose from. Please can someone advise how to overcome this problem?

3)      From reading earlier posts it appears that at present there is no cut and paste facility (a backward step, I feel, and its very frustrating). Is this omission likely to be rectified by software updates (if that is the correct term to use?) in the near future?

4)      Deleting messages. In the C2, I can go into a folder, mark the messages I wish to delete, and delete only them. With the Asha it only seems possible to either delete messages in a folder one by one, or to delete all messages in a folder. This is very tedious if there are a lot of messages, and I wish to just keep a couple of them and delete the rest. Is there a way round this, please?

5)      Address book – with the C2 I can scroll either way to select an entry (either from A to Z, or from Z to A) So far, with the Asha I can only go from A to Z, which is a nuisance if I want to ring or text a friend whose name begins with W! Is there any way to scroll starting at the bottom and going up to the top as well?

6)      This is the most important for me, and I think could be the “deal breaker” on the Asha. I text a lot, and with the C2, under “create message” I had the opportunity to insert text templates into a text, and also to create my own text templates.I have created several text templates of my own on the C2, which I use many times a day, and which save a lot of time and effort. So far, I can’t find out either how to make my own text templates on the Asha, or how to insert text templates into a text message on the Asha, and its getting very, very frustrating having to input the same thing over and over numerous times a day. Please does someone know how I can do this on the Asha? I know it’s only a tiny thing, but it’s something I really can’t manage without.

Thank you for reading this. Sorry its so long!


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Re: Nokia Asha 300 - a few issues

Go to this link & check if the software version of your phone is the latest.


If no, connect your phone to a computer & select Nokia Suite mode. If you do not have Nokia Suite on your pc you can download it from here. Now open the Nokia Suite & click on the “green icon of arrow pointing downwards”.

If any updates are available they will be shown in ‘green’.  Then the Nokia Suite will download the new software version of the phone. After it you will be prompted to take a complete back up of the device content. Please do not skip this step as reinstallation/update will erase all the personal data from the phone like contacts, messages, calendar entries etc.

Please note that if you have set a memory card password & you have forgotten its code then take a backup of the card data also as the card will be locked after update and can only be unlocked if you enter the correct code or by ways mentioned in this thread.

Also note that while updating the device ensure the following things-

  1. The device is full charged.
  2. The internet connection Is of good speed & has a backup in case of power loss.
  3. The PC should also be connected to back up power source as if the process is interrupted the phone may go dead. More on update failure & its remedies here.
  4. Please do not run any resource intensive programs in the background while updating as it may freeze the PC which in turn will lead to a dead device.
  5. Ignore all the windows pop-up notifications about device being disconnected.


  1. It will be better if you disable security keyguard & PIN code request before proceeding with Update/Reinstallation.
  2. Sometimes the device may show Test Mode. Do not panic & DO NOT remove the cable. Let the process complete.

Also check out this video on YouTube with instructions for update.

If problem persists, please visit the nearest Authorised Nokia Care Centre. You can find one near you by going to


Now dealing specifically with the problems:


  1. Its not possible to change the location of icons.
  2. For ringtones, go to gallery, open files & folders. Open the folder where you've saved the music files. Now go to the file you want to set as ringtone. Do not open it. Go to its options & select it as ringtone.
  3. Cut paste option may be fixed by the update, if any.


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Re: Nokia Asha 300 - a few issues

Thank you for your reply. The current software release on my phone is v7.57. I have followed the link and it shows that there is a 7.65, which appears to deal with a bluetooth issue?. I've downloaded nokia  suite and tried to connect my phone to it but get the message "host not found". I've also tried to download the update just using my phone, but it tells me that no new software update is available.

I've followed the instructions for the ringtones, but it won't let me select one without it actually opening, and I cant find any option to set it as a ringtone. Sorry to be so thick!

To be honest, the ringtone issue is a minor one that I can easily live with, and the phone itself does appear to be working ok, its just that I'm not very good at managing it yet.

The real issue for me is the big problems I am having with texting, especially that so far I seem to be unable to either use or create text templates.

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Re: Nokia Asha 300 - a few issues

Hello kittykatt,
I had been searching someone like you who atleast came to know the drawbacks of this asha 300 device but I think this device should be named as 'nirasha' instead of 'asha'.
You came to know about few missing function but I'll recommend you to accept it as 'vestigial function' and I emailed these things to nokia but till date they didn't take any serious steps about it.
But you still have missed something, please check it out:
under subject: "Expected update for Nokia Asha
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Re: Nokia Asha 300 - a few issues

To ng85 (Mobile Guru):
Do you think updating software is performing some magical thing where corrections will take place even without being actually done??
My first question will be I almost in every 4 months needs todo restore factory setting of these nokia phone for many reason as previously phone used to show in call log that I have called some person in date when even the phone was not even bought and tapping for details just give an option to delete it from the entry list. But why should these strange things should happen in only nokia phones?? This is really irritating & these strange things happens ONLY to nokia phones.
Now nokia is too busy to pay attention to these little bit old asha phones and they are extremely busy with window phones that has got capability to create a big window in our pockets within a couple of minutes.

Thanx for reading it.