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Re: Nokia C3-01 - touchscreen barely working and c...

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Nokia C3-01 - touchscreen barely working and camera won't work

Hello, everyone.


Forgive me if this is in the wrong place, but I'm looking for advice.


I bought a Nokia C3-01 touch and type last year in the beginning of June. It's been a bit funny from time to time, but near Christmas it turned itself off and the camera stopped working. In January, the touchscreen started to become unresponsive and difficult to operate, to the point where I am often unable to get into the phone. And typing a text / navigating around the menu is an absolute nightmare. I've tried to calibrate the screen, but that doesn't help, as it doesn't recognise that it's being touched sometimes. 


I haven't dropped the phone or got it wet. I don't use the internet on it either, so I presumably can't have a virus. 


Would it still be under warranty? 

I've had nothing but trouble with it and it certainly reinforces the notion of 'buy cheap, buy twice'.



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Re: Nokia C3-01 - touchscreen barely working and camera won't work

restore phone after doing backup if still doesnt work change ur phone in the place where u brought still you have 1 year warranty

kindly accept solution if ur problem solved
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Re: Nokia C3-01 - touchscreen barely working and camera won't work

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Your device has 24 month warranty. You can take your phone to the local Nokia Care point, but you could try the following actions before that and see if they help. Please make a bakcup before taking to Care point if possible.


Make a backup with Nokia Suite. Type in *#7780# followed by lock code (default is 12345). This is soft reset, no data lost. The settings will be restored to factory state.


You can also reinstall the phone software. The process is the same as when updating with Nokia Suite, but at the end select "Reinstall".


If it's still the same, type in *#7370#. This is  hard reset, phone memory will be wiped. Restore back up.


Hope you get your device working again!



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Re: Nokia C3-01 - touchscreen barely working and camera won't work

This problem has happened to two C3-01 phones of mine.


The first one developed the fault in December 2011. I was unable to even unlock the phone at times, and when I managed to unlock it the phone thought I was pressing a different area of the screen which made it impossible to use. Orange replaced this as a faulty phone after asking me to recalibrate the screen and perform a factory settings reset (both did not work, or worked for a few days at most).


The replacement phone developed exactely the same fault a couple of weeks ago. This time Orange asked me to pay £25 excess to get it replaced. I said that the phone is not worth £25, which I truely believe. I've not replaced it and I have also cancelled the cover on the phone.


Before this, I had to get the phone replaced (almost immediately after first getting it) due to one of the buttons not working, and that replacement replaced as it was not assembled correctly so the back cover could not be attached.


All in all, a very shoddy phone in my opinion. Even when it was working, the settings are not particularly easy to get around and do not allow much customisation. This style of phone has the potential of being a very good phone (hence why I chose it originally), but the C3-01 is not and I recommend anyone reading this who is thinking of getting it to consider other phones.


I am now back to using an old and RELIABLE phone of a different brand. I don't know why I changed.

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Re: Nokia C3-01 - touchscreen barely working and camera won't work

hardware solution for professionals


Nokia C3-01 Touch Screen Problem Solution

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Re: Nokia C3-01 - touchscreen barely working and camera won't work

Dear all nokia c3 users,

(Sorry if this issue does not answer yours, just some words of advice)

i have spent the last three hours downloading software under advice from my network provider in order to fix the touch screen which is miscalibrated and stops working. I have had many issues with sorting this; so far i have backed up the phone's contents, done a factory restore, recalibrated the screen and rung my network provider and nokia advice centres to try to resolve the problem.

The solution from orange is to use the insurance that costs extra on my phone's contract to get a new model sent to me, however this costs £25 on top of insurance payments.

I am extremely dissappointed with the level of service from nokia and the network provider and will certainly not be buying another c3 in the future. I have so far used only nokia phones and found their simplicity a great asset, but now i think its time to buy from a more sophisticated brand who actually listens to their customers.

If there are any nokia representatives reading this who would like to contact me please reply to this post promptly, i will be happy to accept a very sincere apology.


John M

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