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Re: Nokia X2 photo format

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Nokia X2 photo format

Hello! I just got my Nokia X2 yesterday and i just saw that the format of pictures is .nrw , how can i change it to JPG/JPEG and videos are saved as 3gp how do i change them to MP4?

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Re: Nokia X2 photo format

Hello Friend,


I am having the same problem. when i shoot more than 4 or 5 stills, images automatically coming in .nrw format and its size is 5MB. 


A small solution which worked for me: After taking photographs just switch off the phone once for a minute and then switch it on. With in 10-15 min all images will automatically convert into .JPEG format. 

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Re: Nokia X2 photo format

Hi! Having .nrw formats to your phone is not actually a problem. After capturing a photo, your phone will actually process the photo under .nrw format taking 5MB of the memory. The process will takes 3-5 minutes in each photo. After the process, the photo will be converted to .jpg.

WARNING: Do not interrupt the photo processing such as turning off your phone or deleting the .nrw a minute after it is captured, or else your photo will not be processed or will be corrupted. Unprocessed photos are still stored in your phone hidden under images folder (not in nokia unprocessed images folder ) and may give you problem when your phone is connected to pc.
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Re: Nokia X2 photo format

Hi, I would like to know it I can DOWNLOAD .jpg photos on my phone and view them as well.

If yes, can I know .bmp and .png as well? Thanks in advance :smileyhappy:
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Re: Nokia X2 photo format

Hello DaniaWania. Just use file manager on Nokia PC Suite and copy pictures from your PC to a folder on your phone. This worked for me with .jpg pics, I don't know if it works with .bmp  or .png picture formats.

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