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Nokia asha 305 hanging problem

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Nokia asha 305 hanging problem

Hi everyone

i just brought thiS a couple a days ago and so far it has hanged 8-10Times and whenever it hanged ot doesn't restart like other Nokia devices but i had to remove the battery to turn it on..Also the basic java apps are not supported by this device

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Re: Nokia asha 305 hanging problem

For device slowing down you can take the following actions-
1. Clear the browser cache.
2. Move the content from the phone memory to the memory card.
3. Take a backup of all the messages using Nokia suite & delete the excess so that you can free up some memory. In future do not let the message count to go beyond 500 so the phone functions remain smooth.
4. Try using a theme that is smaller in size. The larger the theme size the slower the device becomes.
5. If still the problem persists you can reinstall the current firmware using Nokia Suite.


For reinstalling firmware connect your phone to a computer & select Nokia Suite mode. If you do not have Nokia Suite on your pc you can download it from here. Now open the Nokia Suite & click on the “green icon of arrow pointing downwards”.

If any updates are available they will be shown in ‘green’. If not you may reinstall the current version. Reinstall option is shown in ‘blue’. If no option to reinstall is shown, please wait for sometime it will become visible.  Then the Nokia Suite will download the new software version of the phone. After it you will be prompted to take a complete back up of the device content. Please do not skip this step as reinstallation will erase all the personal data from the phone like contacts, messages, calendar entries etc.

Please note that if you have set a memory card password & you have forgotten its code then take a backup of the card data also as the card will be locked after update and can only be unlocked if you enter the correct code or by ways mentioned in this thread.

Also note that while updating the device ensure the following things-

  1. The device is full charged.
  2. The internet connection Is of good speed & has a backup in case of power loss.
  3. The PC should also be connected to back up power source as if the process is interrupted the phone may go dead. More on update failure & its remedies here.
  4. Please do not run any resource intensive programs in the background while updating as it may freeze the PC which in turn will lead to a dead device.
  5. Ignore all the windows pop-up notifications about device being disconnected.


  1. It will be better if you disable security keyguard & PIN code request before proceeding with Update/Reinstallation.


If any problem persists please visit the nearest authorised Nokia Care Centre.

Please mark the post as solution if it solves your problem.
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Re: Nokia asha 305 hanging problem

Yeah, my 305 too had that problem. It hanged when I took photos. Did you check the memory card? Mine went okay when I changed the memory card. And I don't know anything about java apps on it, its not working for me.

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Re: Nokia asha 305 hanging problem

my nokia asha 305 also hangs. When it hangs i have to wait for 1 minute. Someone help me. I may update the firmware but i am afraid of a dead device. If my device becomes dead then what i have to do. Tell me plzzzz.
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Re: Nokia asha 305 hanging problem

If an S40 device hangs, the best to do is to use lesser memory. Free up at-least 5 MB of Phone Memory and switch to a minimalistic theme. A firmware update/reinstall will help too.
Further, if it hangs when accessing the memory card (e.g Saving files or playing files) you need to replace your SD card with a faster one. A class 4 MicoSD card is what I recommend to everyone. Unlike old cards, cards with a class provide promised and fixed read/write speeds which improves the device's speed to a large extent. I'm sure a class 4 SD card will solve the problem of it lagging when a picture is clicked. You can get a class 4 8GB SD for around Rs. 200 which is not at all expensive.

navn98 - The firmware update rarely comes up with a dead handset even if its interrupted. But, most of the times, it will go perfectly well. Don't Worry. If somehow it becomes Dead, Nokia Care is the only option.
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Re: Nokia asha 305 hanging problem

i updte my asha305 then phone memory too low.just 1mb left and my mob become player is soo bad and not next.previous option.pdf not read.
not copy paste option.
no option for close camera sound.
sometimes mob hang.
please update and solve the problem.
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Re: Nokia asha 305 hanging problem

i chack all asha set but some asha features is toooooo bad no customer frank application

"sms" hanging "image" "capture" hanging bad touch who made this idea