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Nokia original replacement housing

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Nokia original replacement housing

Hi people,


I live in Singapore since a year and brought a long some of my Nokia phones (others i bought here in SG) I am searching for some replacement housing for some of my phones (here is a list)


Nokia 100 = front + back cover (ocean blue)

Nokia Asha 200 = complete replacement housing + keyboard (white)

Nokia Asha 201 = complete replacement housing + keyboard (white)

Nokia Asha 206 = front cover (white/orange)

Nokia Asha 305 = complete replacement housing (red)


Back in The Netherlands, I have my own online shops where I can order all of these, but to get them here will

cost me a fortune, so i rather not.


I found some online websites, from china, but to be frank, i rather don't wanna order from them, since I can't be sure that the products are authentic.


It seems that there are no stores around here who sell these kind of things, all and everything is iPad, iPhone, Samasung G3S :-(


I went to a couple of Nokia Stores, but honestly (and no offence) but those kids who work there are not really interested in you unless u buy a new phone, so no info there either.


Dear Nokia and forum members, is there any way for me to get hold of these items here in Singapore, I am able to fix my phones by myself (i know the warranty will be voided, after being a Nokia fan for more then 25 years, i never brought back a nokia to a shop and nagg about it).


The reason why i need those housings is because i don't like scratches on my Nokia phone, they are allready perfect from the inside, so i want them to be perfect on the outside as well :-D lol


Ok, w'll if anyone can help me with this, then that would be really awesome, thnx guys.


And NOKIA, keep up the good job making good quality phone :-D

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Re: Nokia original replacement housing

Unfortunately upon this manufacturer's sponsored forum we are forbidden discussing disassembly of devices primarily due to warranty concerns, and your post falls within to this category.


As you say I can think of a brilliant supplier in Assens for the EU zone!

Happy to have helped forum in a small way with a Support Ratio = 37.0

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