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Re: asha 200 charging

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asha 200 charging

Dear Sir/Madam,

                              I bought Nokia Asha 200 2 weeks ago.Its battery model is BL-5J and charger model is AC-11N.My phone is taking # hours for charging....even if 2 bars are left then also more than 2 hours....if battery is totally empty then it takes nearly 3 hours..please suggest me what should i do???

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Re: asha 200 charging

check if there are any firmware updates available for your device via Nokia Suite. if there is, please update to the latest version offered. If there is none, then try re-installing your current firmware and if that doesn't work either, then Restore your phone to factory settnigs.

Failing that, you will need to take your phone to your local Nokia Care for them to inspect: You should also check that you have a stable power supply and that you don't have any electrical faults.
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Re: asha 200 charging

Not only asha 200,the same happens to C3 and X1-01,the three phones uses BL 5J battery,it take longer time to full.
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Re: asha 200 charging

Can confirm that. My C3 also takes a long time to show its full. Nothing wrong with the phone or the charger.
There's no problem if your phone doesn't reach the battery full point. This battery provides a decent backup and you can use it for over a day without it being full.
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Re: asha 200 charging

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Taking into consideration that the the standard AC-11 charger is used (which has 450 mAh output current) and the high capacity of the Asha 200's battery (1430 mAh) I can say that these are normal values. Nothing wrong with the phone or the charger. If you don't believe me otherwise, there are many premade calculators online for easily checking these things, here's one example:


The only way to speed up the charging process would be to use a so called "rapid charger". AC-8 is one such official Nokia charger model that would compatible with Asha 200 - it provides 890 mAh output current, so charging time should be ~ half of compared to using the AC-11 charger.

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Re: asha 200 charging

yup. i have the same problem. i think it's because tht phone has a considerable amount of features.. 

plus the battery dies so quickly.

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