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Re: my 6500 slide is heating up

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my 6500 slide is heating up


i have a 6500 slide, it heats up when i charge it, the phone gets quite warm and then hot, it cools down but when i turn it on it heats up slowly and the battery drains preety quickly.


there seems to be something loose in the phone as it has something moving in it when shaken with holding the loose peices of metal at the sd, slot and sim slot.


any insights? how can i fix this?

also could i conclude taht the circut has been broken due to faulty soldering, hence the loose piece inside and also the exese heat givin off and the consiquense of teh battery draining faster?

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Re: my 6500 slide is heating up

We can't tell you how to fix it here as we are not allowed to discuss disassembly as it's against the rules here. Plus tracking down the exact problem without seeing it will be almost impossible.


A nokia care point will be able to fix it for you. Also you should stop charging it as it may be dangerous.


Care points/service centres and repair info:

CanadaMiddle East and Africa

Elsewhere: Click here, select your country, go to the support section, then select repair.

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