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nokia 3110 classic's rebooting problem

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nokia 3110 classic's rebooting problem

I'm planning to buy n3110cl in feb.but as i was surfing through internet and different websites..on one websites i found some postswhich described the rebooting problem with there really such problem?if yes plz tell me how to solve it!
also,some posts mentioned that 3500classic has poor battery life.i am an average user and i don't use mobile phone for web browsing or downloading.if i want to download anything i will striaghtway use my pc.still i have to face the problem of poor battery life?
plz help!!
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Re: nokia 3110 classic's rebooting problem

yes, if you have microSD card in 3110c it restarts no matter what
i heard its common problem, and only visiting "Nokia Care" services was helpful
for other hand, everybody seems to got his own solution to this reboot thing (dont use mp3 format, dont update music library, dont do this, dont do that...)

nokia should do smth with this issue :-/
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Re: nokia 3110 classic's rebooting problem

I am in exactly the same boat. Having gone through a two year nightmare with my utterly dreadful and completely unreliable motorola V3x, I am going back to nokia and never changing brand again. I am actually convinced that the motorola V3x has a defect in the design or motherboard as the problems I encountered were common amongst other V3x owners I know.

Anyway, enough about that. The nokia 3110 rebooting issue is to do with people trying to ramp up their memory cards and do all sorts of funky stuff with the limited and basic music player. People who don't upgrade their memory cards and don't try to jam up the phone with music will not have that problem.

I haven't bought it yet, but in the next week or so, i'm buying the 3110. I looked around and it is the perfect phone for me. Most of the negative reviews on the internet complain about the camera and music player. If you want a phone and full music player, buy an iphone or an ipod and a phone. If you want a good camera, buy a camera!

Anyway, from what i can see, rebooting issues arise when you demand too much from the phone with large memory cards and loading it up with music like it's an ipod.

If you don't plan to do that, you should be fine i believe.
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Re: nokia 3110 classic's rebooting problem

[ Edited ]
Finaly I hawe hawe found the solution for restarting problem!
1.Format your memory card
2.Make shortcut on your mobile so u can access very fast to your media player
2.2. In SETTINGS/MY SHORTSUTS/NAVIGATION KEY make it so that standby key is 2nd
2.3. Get back to main screen and press DOWN key,options, select, select media player, and save, in organise shortcuts make it 1st and save your progress
3.Upload up to 5 songs
4. Update your media player, mobile will restart him self! BUT!!!...
5. In order to stop restarting u have 3 sec to start updating music library again
6. If u done all at step 2, u need to press fast one time down,central button,left blue line,down,central,up, and central (Need to be pressed in 3 seconds)
7. If u success in this 6th step u hawe solwed problem!
8. Next step is to upload next 5 songs and repeat steps 4-6
(9.) If you cant press so fast buttons to restart uploading I suggest to create a folder named "Amp3" so he can be first when u access to your memoru card so you could
erase him fast to stop restarting, instead formating whole card (In SETTINGS/MY SHORTSUTS/LEFT SELECTION KEY(Make it Gallery, so you can access fast to memory card to delete folder "Amp3"))
(10.)Buttons to erase "Amp3" folder - While in main screen press : Left blue line,center,left blue line,down,center,center (Need to be pressed in 3 seconds)
(11.)You hawe stopped restarting and kept pics, and images on memory card

If this work at your phone just tell me because I would like to know did i helped :smileyvery-happy:

Message Edited by zipper19 on 26-May-2008 01:39 AM