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nokia asha 501

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nokia asha 501

My phone's wifi is not working properly if SIM card is inserted in it.

Please do clarify.

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Re: nokia asha 501

I'm not having any issues with Wifi connection with two sim cards inserted. What exactly you mean not working?, explain a bit further.

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Re: nokia asha 501

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Could you tell us on which country you are based and what operator SIM-card are you using?


The issue might be possibly caused by operator settings. If that is the case, the "easy" method for fixing it would be to factory reset the phone by dialing *#7370#. Note that this removes also user data from the phone memory. The other option would be to create your own access point settings and set them to use. Steps for Asha 501 are basically:


  • Go to settings -> SIM (or Dual SIM, if it's the DS variant of the phone) -> access points -> internet -> tap the "+" button. 
  • Select the "NAP" as the access point type. 
  • Type for example "my NAP" as the name. The address and possible username/PW details are something you'd need to query from your operator. They might be listed on for example on their homepage. For my operator the address is simply "internet" and username/PW fields are left empty. When details are filled click "Done". 
  • Select the NAP ("test NAP") as the active Access point. 
  • Now go back to the "Access Points" menu and tap "browser" and "+".
  • Type for example "my browser" as the name and to the access point field select the "my NAP" you created in the previous steps. URL field info can be at least in my case left empty. When info is filled, click "Done".
  • Select "my browser" as the active option for the "Browser" setting in "Access Points" menu.

now give a try whether the WLAN (and mobile data) are usable. 


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Re: nokia asha 501

Are u sure that mobile data is off when wifi is on...?
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