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Re: BT Message Access Profile (MAP)

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BT Message Access Profile (MAP)

There was this app for Symbian Anna enabling my car to work with the messages of my Nokia E7-00 business phone. After updating I wonder, why Nokia Belle does not support this app


Is there any information I have missed or is there actually no way for me to use my Nokia E7-00 business phone with my car to browse, read, generate and send SMSs and e-mails on my car?


I cannot imagine any common-sense reason why Nokia decided to discontinue this extremely helpful business application in Nokia Belle. Does Nokia Belle introduce less business and less comfort? Will it be updated?


Are there any other solutions to make BT MAP profile work on my Nokia E7-00 / Symbian Belle?


For a business phone offering the most important bluetooth profiles is imperative. For Nokia in particular it is imperative to offer the best. There are only two reasons why I use Nokia: quality, business usuability. So at the moment no way for Windows Phone, because nearly all features, which distinguish Nokia from others are gone on Windows Phone. Do not debase Symbian standards - keep them and btw add them to Windows Phone standards on upcoming Nokia phones!

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Re: BT Message Access Profile (MAP)



As you say BT Message Access Profile is another casualty of Belle updating to add to the list!

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Re: BT Message Access Profile (MAP)

I can't believe this was dropped as well. Why does upgrading a Nokia device have to mean losing so much functionality every time? It gets really tiresome. Every bloody time.

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Re: BT Message Access Profile (MAP)

This app works fine on my Nokia n8 Belle. But nokia will not let you download from the app store. I had to downgrade to Anna and download the app and save the file . Then updated the phone to belle and installed the app. It works fine. I contacted nokia support to get the app but they did not help me. I can confirm it works from my experience. i am attaching the sis file if some body needs. I hope noki will not delete that.

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