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Re: FM and Bluetooth

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FM and Bluetooth

I have just purchased a BH-111 bluetooth headset to use with my 3110c phone.  It works fine with the Music Player, but with the Radio it says "connect wired enhancement".


- Does this mean I cannot use the bluetooth headset with the FM radio?

- Is there a headset/headphones I can use wirelessly with the FM radio?

- Is there a phone with FM radio I can use with the bluetooth headset?


Thanks for your help.

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Re: FM and Bluetooth

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On most phones the FM radio requires an antenna to pick up radio signals and uses the headphone cord for this purpose. That being the case it is not possible to listen to FM radio via bluetooth because there is no antenna to pick up the signal. So it is impossible to use the BH-111 for that purpose.

Nokia does sell a bluetooth headset with a built in FM radio to get around this problem, it's called the BH-221. You control the radio with the headsets controls, not the phones so it will work with devices that don't have an FM radio in them at all.



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