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Re: Firmware Suggestions C5-00(.2)

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Firmware Suggestions C5-00(.2)

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Hi Forum,


The Nokia C5-00(.2) is an awesome phone but fortunately sometimes the software let's it down.


I have collected some firmware suggestions during the year I have been using it, don't know if Nokia software team will read this, but here it goes:


1. Change brightness using the volume buttons when not playing music or a shortkey to the setting

Why? Tedious to go through all those menu's when not seeing anything


2. Seperate volume and vibration setting for the alarm

Why? To not scare the hell out of myself in the morning


3. Call (green key) press in calculator means '='

Why? Easier calculations of course


4. Stacked messages (like SMS) for other messaging apps as well.

Why? Better notifications


5. Louder (call) speaker volume

Why? I can barely speak to people when there is a little background noise.


6. Background fix in the 'Active' theme.

Why? Since it gets sort of cropped and repasted in a weird way now


7. Make the 'Help' icon movable to a folder

Why? I don't need it in my home menu


8. Option to disable Camera shutter sound

Why? Why not? (privacy, so what you can disable this in almost any phone)


9. In music player: create option 'play next' and 'only play this file'.

Why? Easier usabillity


10. Maps: Show the calculated route on a map to check the route for any errors

Why? To not get stuck on a much too steep hill for example.


(Don't know if this will be possible)

1. Make a sort of message light using the keypad by creating an M shape by lighting keys: *7415369#

Why? Would be awesome :thumbsup:


Do you have something to add too?


- Greetings from the Netherlands

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Re: Firmware Suggestions C5-00(.2)

due to the age of the handset, and that Symbian is now in maintenance mode as it winds down its lifecycle, i seriously doubt that devices such as the C5 will receive any more firmware updates. only device i would think would receive an update would be the 808 PureView.
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Re: Firmware Suggestions C5-00(.2)

Small chanche then indeed, I have seen about 3 updates last year keeping my fingers crossed.

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Re: Firmware Suggestions C5-00(.2)

I would like to add a setting to the Email to automatically cc myself with a copy of outgoing messages.

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