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Re: Memory card (SD card) error in C3-00

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Memory card (SD card) error in C3-00

Yesterday I transfered mp3 file via bluetooth from my old 6280 to a C3-00. I have done this many times before and always successful. But this time, after the 3 files transferred then I click "Show" the screen said something like "operation failed" then as I checked the songs list, all of my old song files were deleted and it showed only the 3 new songs I just transfered from 6280! I checked the photo files and it all gone! The memory card was wiped clean, like a new card! All my memories photos were gone and some cannot be re-photo! What happen, why is this happening? The only difference action I took compares to my previous successful file transfers, were I put the C3-00 to silence mode and I click "show" after the 3 files were transfered, not everytime one file was transfered. But in my opinion this should not be a problem.

Can anyone tell me how can I somehow retrieve my old files or they have just gone forever? Some photos are very important to me, and I certainly can't ask to take a photo of my ex since now she is far away and also married to a man I don't like!

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Re: Memory card (SD card) error in C3-00

first of all, don't worry about the loss of the photo of the ex, you deserve better and will find another leading lady in your life, trust me :smileyhappy:

as for the photos and files and what-not, it would pay to check if there are indeed any files on the memory card by connecting your C3-00 to your PC. if there are none, then this may have represented an error so really there is no way that you can recover these files. i would certainly check via Nokia Suite if there are any firmware updates available for your device, and to update to the latest version offered. failing that, you can try re-installing your current firmware thru Nokia Suite.

i am assuming you no longer have the PopPort cable that connects your 6280 to your PC via USB, hence the transferrance of files over Bluetooth instead. if you do have the cable, i suggest transferring the files to your PC over USB as this is much more reliable.
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