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My Nokia C6-01 almost made me look like an idiot t...

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My Nokia C6-01 almost made me look like an idiot tonight

I have a very annoying problem with my Nokia C6-01 (also, despite the fact that there are iphones and android phones, this is by far the best phone I have had thus far, I love it).


So...on to the problem; THE GPS


This has happened to me about 4 times now -- and believe it or not, I thought it was a one time glitch until it happened again TONIGHT.


For some reason, for Downtown San Diego addresses, the GPS ALWAYS leads me into NO WHERE (by a street called Auto Circle Drive) and then craps out. Sometimes it also starts re-calculating and giving me streets to turn on WHILE I AM STILL ON THE FREEWAY.




This is the address I was going to:


729 5th Ave. , San DiegoCA


..and for the 5th time, it led me to the wrong place in the middle of no where. The thing is, I was going to an important event WHERE I WAS SUPPOSED TO SPEAK and I came in 15 mins late (This is considering the fact that I left home 45 mins early) thanks to my Nokia C6-01's amazing GPS. 



Is this normal? Any way to fix it? My software is up to date. It sucks because it works great 95% of the time and I am paranoid that it will take me to somewhere totally OFF next time I have something important.

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Re: My Nokia C6-01 almost made me look like an idiot tonight

Sorry to hear about what you've experienced with your Nokia C6-01. If the map data is inaccurate, you need to report that using the Map Reporter on your phone. With Map Reporter, you can report any errors you find in the Maps application's map data or associated metadata. For example, a missing street or path, an incorrect address, an incorrect one-way restriction, a blocked street or path, or an incorrect speed limit. The reports will be used to improve the map data, especially in those areas with frequently reported errors.


You can check the Map Reporter when you open the Nokia Maps and go to the Settings. If you're unable to see it, you can directly report it to Navteq. You can contact them through here:


Hope this helps. :smileyhappy:

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