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Re: Nokia c6 00 speaker problem while calling

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Nokia c6 00 speaker proble while calling


I am facing speaker issue while calling some one. The loudspeaker and head set is workin as usual, but the default speaker is not giving any sound. it occured all of a sudden

please suggest me the solution



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Re: Nokia c6 00 speaker proble while calling

Hi muralids,


Welcome to the Nokia forum.


This can be both a software or hardware issue. 


Try a hard reset and software update to make sure that any bugs that could be causing this issue are cleared from the software. 


To make sure you won't lose the data on your phone, make a back up first. Click on Tools > Back up to do this. Once you've made the back up, enter *#7370# into your phone. The default security code is 12345, unless you've changed this code yourself.


When the phone has rebooted, click on the green arrow in Nokia Suite where you will see the available updates for your phone. Update the device to the latest software version or reinstall the current software if there is no update available.


Now check if the speaker works. If it doesn't, then it is most likely caused by an issue with the hardware of the phone. In that case it is best to visit a local Care centre where they can check it out and repair the phone, if necessary. 


You can find your nearest Care centre by visting your local Nokia website. The addresses are displayed when you click on the Support tab. 


Let me know how you get on.



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Re: Nokia c6 00 speaker proble while calling

the one using the code is a soft reset. To hard reset your nokia c6-00 just follow the link below

you will get in detail how to perform a hard reset. If your getting the same problem then do as te above person has said.
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Re: Nokia c6 00 speaker problem while calling

I had same issue. When I visit nokia care they told me that the problem with default speaker and problem was resolved by replacing old speaker with new one.


The important thing which I would like to mention here is service charges of Nokia care.


The original cost of this spare part is Rs.126 only but Nokia care will charge you additionally Rs.225 for service charge and approx Rs. 50 for vat and Govt Tax. and total will be Rs.400.


if you replace same original nokia speaker for local store in front of your eyes then maximum they will charge you Rs 200.

so I will suggest if your mobile is not in warranty then replace it from local market in front of your eyes.



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Re: Nokia c6 00 speaker problem while calling

Discussing replacing parts be it under warranty or not is not allowed here.

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