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Re: Maps Gone on E6-00

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Maps Gone on E6-00

Help,  I was recently in Nokia Store and noticed that there was a Maps update available for my phone.  I don't remember which version I was running.  When I tried the update it started out with a screen that said:


"You are now getting several new map apps for your phone, and we also made you some cool new homescreen widgets."


Within a few minutes, the following error appeared:


"Sorry, we currently have network problems, please try again later."


I retried several times with the same results.  I tried the update again the following day thinking the problem was with Nokia's network but I got the same results.  I tried again the next day (now three days in a row) and got the same error. The next morning (today), I noticed that the Nokia Maps application is completely gone.  I have no Map application at all.  I am not talking about downloaded country maps, I am talking about the actual Nokia Map application and widgets. 


I have tried to redownload the Nokia Map application from the Nokia Store several times but I get the same results as above with the same error.  How can I get the Nokia Map application back?  This is the only reason I stay with Nokia. 


I am currently running:


Symbian Anna (No, don't tell me to update to Belle)

Software Version: 021.014

SW Ver Date: 2011-05-26

Custom Ver:

Custom Ver Date: 2011-05-26

Language Set:

Product Code: 059J225

Type RM-609




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Re: Maps Gone on E6-00

Perhaps look for "nokia_maps_3_377815.08_11wk47_b04_SR1.0_STORE.sis"

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