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Nokia E71 - where are maps stored? How to check/ch...

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Nokia E71 - where are maps stored? How to check/change?

Apologies if my Q is trivial but this seems more difficult than Windows...

Ok, so I downloaded the newest version of Maps (ver. 3.03 I think), it installed on my Nokia 71. Now I go to Nokia OVI on my laptop with phone connected via USB, select "maps", "download", select the map, it shows "preparing...", then "downloading..." then "transferring..." (I guess to my phone). I go to my phone, Menu, GPS, Maps - and where is the map??? It only shows "My Position", "Find Places", "Favourites", "Drive" and "Walk". How do I select the map I just downloaded? Where do I find it?


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Re: Nokia E71 - where are maps stored? How to check/change?

You've done everything correctly so far updating to most recent version of OVI Maps with free voice navigation for your E71, download regional map but did you also download your chosen "Voice file" for navigation?


A quick way of checking if mapping is there is to open OVI Maps application on device and zoom in to your approximate location when street detail should be visible.


If you expect to see "country map" on memory card it isn't like that, as map tiles are stored in folders 0 - 9 and a - f with similar sub-folders in E:\CITIES\diskcache

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