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Nokia Maps and US Routes (USA specific)

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Nokia Maps and US Routes (USA specific)

I'm using Nokia Maps 3.03 on an unlocked E71 in the USA. I'm appreciative of the free turn-by-turn directions, but some of the direction it tends to give me are a little... insane. For some reason, the turn-by-turn directions features seems to have a fetish with US Routes to the point that it will take you miles out of the way to get you on a US Route when using an Interstate or State Route would be much faster.


For example: I've made several trips in the past month from Bloomfield, Connecticut to Massachusetts. The attachment "nokia maps directions.jpg" shows the directions generated by (which are the same as generated by Google maps) and it's pretty straightforward - drive east on Putnam Highway, get on to Interstate 91 and drive north.


However, the attachment "gps directions.jpg" shows what the phone gps directions instructs me to do: drive over Interstate 91, enter Interstate 291 east, drive 2.5 miles to US Route 5, do a u-turn on US Route 5, drive 2.5 miles on Interstate 291 west and then enter I-91. 


I also make a lot of  trips between western Massachusetts to eastern Massachusetts and I face the same issue where the gps will try to take me off the Massachusetts turnpike (I-90) onto US Route 20, have me travel on Route 20 for a while and then hop back on to I-90. I've found this behavior whenever I've set Route Selection to "Optimized" or "Faster Route" and Connection to "Online" or "Offline."  I have found that I can change this behavior is I set Route Selection to "Shorter Route" but that also takes you down every back alley and dirt road in the area so that's not a particularly good solution.


Has anyone else had this problem? I'm wondering if there is some assumption in the program that US routes should be given priority over everything else.

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