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Nokia Maps on N8 review from recent trip to USA

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Nokia Maps on N8 review from recent trip to USA

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I've been using Nokia Maps (or Ovi Maps back then) since my Nokia 6210 Navigator and love the progress the app has made in the last few years.


I went on vacation to the USA last month with my girlfriends’ family and I took my Nokia N8 with the latest Maps Suite with me even though her father paid for USA maps on their Garmin. In the two weeks we were there Nokia Maps slowly won over first choice as GPS since the Garmin wasn't finding all the places and it couldn't find the petrol stations and food stops as good as the Nokia. Nokia Maps also inform you more accurately when to turn.


Usually when I make use of the Maps app its in my own country(South Africa) where I know roughly where I am and where to do what so this trip was a great test for the app.


I have never used the Maps app as much as I did since I've never driven 5000km's in 2 weeks :smileytongue:

Here is my pointers of stuff I don't like in the current version and I hope Nokia can improve their app someday soon :


- I don't like that the Drive and Maps are two different apps. A single interface would be easier to use. Drive atm don't have all the features that the Maps app have.


- When driving to a destination 1400km's away it very annoying to stop the navigation every few hours to search for a petrol station or restaurant. I would be nice if it was possible to search for the above near the road you are driving. Then the search results can maybe show: Shell Petrol Station 33km's/22minutes/500m off route. The off route info would be added bonus and is useful if you want to stop at a specific restaurant(like Golden Corral :smileyvery-happy:) but would rather drive 20km's on route and 500m off route than to find the nearest one and drive 5km's off route.


- When you’re not driving and you’re in the passenger seat it would be nice to be able to explore a bit in Maps mode but with the Drive voice navigation still going on in the background. 


- When looking at the Maps view it’s also not possible to see the ruler that shows the km's of the current view. I know it shows while you’re zooming in and out but it would be nice if it could be enabled when needed.


- The angle of the maps cant be change unless your you click on the red dot that activates your phones compass.  Would be nice if I could click on the compass with one finger and use the other finger to change the angle. 


- I've never seen so much toll roads until I got near NY. Wow... Anyway would be nice if the Maps app informed you that you'll have to pay toll x times and maybe over alternative routes if possible. The toll price will also be cool.


- One last thing is when we got closer to NY at the end of our trip, Nokia Maps would always direct us to the Trucks and cars lane rather than the Cars only lane where its definitively saver to drive. 


Thanks for creating the best GPS App available and here’s to keeping it that way for my next phone 808 Pureview :smileyvery-happy:

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