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Re: Pedestrian navigation question on Nokia Maps f...

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Pedestrian navigation question on Nokia Maps for Nokia 808 Pureview

Dear all,

This is my first time posting here, and I wish I found the right place to ask this, but apologize in advance if not. In that case, please could you kindly navigate me to a proper forum, thanks!

I have updated my recently obtained Nokia 808 Pureview with the latest firmware and Nokia Maps application versions.

As I currently am living in Berlin, I had used the pedestrian navigation to find my way from Tiergarten U-bahn station to Jagowstrasse in Tiergarten, Berlin.

On my way I had to go across the Hansabrucke, which has been there for pedestrian use for ages I suppose. Now, the Nokia Maps routed me alongside the riverbank to right, following the walkpath alongside the river, but to a completely 90 degree deviation from the direct path that should have lead over the Hansabrucke. 

As an oddity, the map was able to actually show the Hansabrucke as a bridge over the river and even had positioned me there while I was walking. However, should I have followed the pedestrian / walk navigation I would have ended up a major extra tour around the river possibly up to the next bridge that was able to also handle car traffic. But that was pretty far.

My humble question is whether the map really routes the pedestrian correctly and if it does, then why does the Hansabrucke not serve as a cross-over point as everybody is using it for crossing the river by foot or bicycle, even scooters every day?

And the question was not about the bridge to be unknown for the mapping software, it was able to position me with a red dot while i crossed the bridge. But only I was over the bridge and after somewhile when it understood that I actually am on the other bank of the river, it then calculated the continuation towards Jagowstrasse correctly. Also the previous "long walk" deviated route disappeared immediately.

I would be very pleased to hear your explanation on this so that as a pedestrian I can believe that the walk navigation actually thinks for the best of the one who uses it.

Kind regards,

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Re: Pedestrian navigation question on Nokia Maps for Nokia 808 Pureview

Unfortunately "Walk" quite often has these little surprises for you and can be an idea to check out a planned route here: which can then be synchronised with device!

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Re: Pedestrian navigation question on Nokia Maps for Nokia 808 Pureview

If you travel to Denmark it is not just little surprises. The OVI / Nokia / Here maps in this country has very incomplete records of bicycle roads and pedestrian tunnels or bridges. I can understand the new additions missing, like when it is built within the last 6 months, but what about roads built more than 5 years ago?


A quick demonstration:

Open and search for Randers. Zoom in a bit to Randersbro (route 180)

In a new browser tab open Google maps and do the same

Now in Google maps click the bicycle option. Zoom out and in, and watch the green lines showing the bicycle friendly roads.


Randersbro is one of the busiest city bridges in this country outside Copenhagen. Mopeds, bicycles and pedestrians are not allowed. Google Street View shows both the Randersbro bridge and the bicycle/pedestrian bridges to the east and west if you stand in the middle of the bridge and turn around. Nevertheless Nokia Maps always compute a walking navigation across this bridge.

I know my way around Randers, but I have had nasty surprises in Holstebro and other Danish cities where I'm unfamiliar with the surroundings. I have tried reporting the Randersbro error through the official channels since around February 2011 when my Nokia N8 was new.


Best regards,


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Re: Pedestrian navigation question on Nokia Maps for Nokia 808 Pureview

Try with different settings.

- fastest

- optimized

- shortest


If the program does not route you across the Hansabrücke, then you can make a route of your self using waypoints.

This can be done on PC using "" and loading the route to device over the Nokia server. On site you can make your own route by pointing waypoints directly on your device.

One need some training, but after that you will see that the Nokia navigation is the best what you can get.


Thüss aus Finnland