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Total Map Confusion

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Total Map Confusion

I am trying to sort out the maps on my 5800 XM and am confused as to what I have loaded and why I seem to have two different versions.


If I look at the 'Installed Applications' list it tells me that I have 9 Mb's worth of Nokia Maps installed on my C Drive and 7 Mb's worth of Ovi Maps installed on my D drive.


If I click on the Maps icon I get Ovi Maps and the About screen tells me that it is V3.03 and Map Version


I can find no trace of any Nokia Map software on my C drive and am not convinced that the version of Map that runs on the phone is the latest/preferred version.


I have tried using Nokia Suite to update the map software but it chokes and tells me that there is not enough rooms on the C drive (8.7 Mb free at present). (I know from other postings that there is an issue with Nokia Suite wanting to install apps on the C drive but that particular issue can wait.)


How can I find out (a) if I have the right Map version running on the phone already and (b) where is the 9 Mb on the C drive cos the file manager is not showing anything for Nokia Map.


I am wary of simply uninstalling Nokia Map from the C drive before getting some feedback as to what I should be looking for as regards the correct and up to date Map software.

John H.D. Tuach
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Re: Total Map Confusion

Hey Gadgee2, Welcome to the Nokia forums.


Did you try and install the latest version of maps and the install failed half way due to lack of memory? 
I suggest  clearing your browser cache and deleting any unnessecary media files to try free up some memory on your device so you can complete the installation.


The Maps files will be saved in the 'other files' directory with other critical files which cannot be deleted.


Let me know how it goes!


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Re: Total Map Confusion

Further to the post by Sheldrick Moderator ...

What version of Firmware you are with ? The latest firmware has the Nokia Maps v 3.06. So check first if yoou have the firmware update available. If there is then I suggest, you Soft Reset the phone by dialing *#7370# followed by 12345 (Default code unless changed by you..) when prompted. This will erase all data from the phone Back-up important data before performing  the reset.

This will bring the phone back to Out-of Box state barring the Firmware.. Restore the data and install ONLY those applications again that you really need.

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Re: Total Map Confusion


Raft of issues here, firstly what software version is your 5800XM running, key in *#0000# upon dialler?


Latest version of Ovi Maps for 5800 is 3.06_11wk10_b01_s60_5.0_com.sis from here: which gives free voice navigation and can use latest mapping.


You would need >20MB of free phone memory to install and perhaps it is time for you to backup essential data, and restore device to "Out of box" state by keying in *#7370# followed by 12345 (default Nokia lock code unless altered by user). Either you have too may applications currently installed or have never cleared browser cache upon device

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