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Re: Advice for customers reporting higher than exp...

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Re: Advice for customers reporting higher than expected battery consumption.

I purchased a nokia lumia 920 on the 19/01/13 hoping that it was a very good phone.Alas it was a complete disappointment.The battery drains out very quickly.I charge the phone to a 100%before going to sleep (2am) and when i wake up it is at 37 % without using the phone after it has been charged.
To top it all it has been hardly 20 days that i used my new phone and all of a sudden i noticed a purple line running across my screen from the top to the bottom on the left. The line just appeared without even droppinb the phone.I have been a loyal nokia customer all my life but will probably be switching to another brand soon .i did not expect such low quality product for the money that i paid . TOTAL disappointment.
I would really appreciate if nokia decides to just replace the phone or just refund my money rather than trying to repair the phone. Awaiting a reply from nokia
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Re: Advice for customers reporting higher than expected battery consumption.

810 here from T-Mobile and I have the same issue with battery drain. phone barely makes it from 4am to 8pm on a charge with little to moderate use. Nokia need to issue a firmware update to fix this...

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Re: Advice for customers reporting higher than expected battery consumption.

After 2 week of running 920, the battery lifespan still very suck. Hard reset / restart shown battery meter is 100% accurate after charging, no false meter reading from the phone.


Battery life is great (can last for 3 days) after turning off all the services, including live tile, and i got to use it like nokia classic 3310 phone .... what the point to have a flagship smartphone?


CPU get hot easily, it could be some inner control problem for windows phone 8, it hot and drain the battery about 15% per hour. I scare to use this phone with such battery performance.


With all the background services running, Andriod phone battery still perform well in heavy use.


I wishes nokia & microsoft looking on this issue seriously, otherwise, no one dare to try their flagship smartphone. thanks.






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Re: Advice for customers reporting higher than expected battery consumption.

actually i am used the nokia lumia 820.but the mobile battery life time is no longer.when i am full charged the battery then phone is use 8 hrs.without data connection.( i am new user the lumia phone is new.i have used the phone 3 days.but i am suffering the battery.) . such as last night 12 Am i am charged the battery full and then i am not use just lock screen and then i am sleeping but when i am wake up just time is 10 Am and see the phone battery percent the percent is 54%. i am not used the phone but battery reduce is 46% but how? please tell me how i am long time use the phone or battery life?
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Advice for customers reporting higher than expected battery consumption.

i have my 820 and charge it till full and by mid morning while sleeping it is dead. i have no games on it and not used maps etc. i used three phone calls and seven texts. i have checked holding back buttn down to see if anything running and nothing. thsi is the worst phone i have had for battery since mobile phones were invented. i cant risk going out all day in case i run out of battery and therefore become un contactable. i wanted this phone to use on the net and update on racing while at the races next week but i think by time i arrive i would of run out of battery. 


i have used nokia forever and am very very disapointed with this phone.


nothing else is used i have not even put an email acount on it as yet and have loaded no apps at all though wanted couple of games for the kids.


am i going to have to get car chargers and carry charger and stop and plug in every where i go? 


on charge now two hours and by midnight it will be dead again?


thoughts please before it goes back to the store



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Re: Advice for customers reporting higher than expected battery consumption.

I've a Lumia 820 for 4 month now and exxperienced the hot battery drain as well. But from my experience I can

say, that especially the complex graphics apps are worst, which drain my battery hot, which are:

Here (Nokia) Drive+

Nokia Express

Nokia Books

Camera & Camera lenses

Office and Sky Drive


Although I used a RSS (Google) Reader, like e.g. "Feed Reader", and found it drained my battery quick, but when I changed it to "Nextgen" Reader, the battery drain compared was far less.

In standby I found out that if you use the darker accent colours it last longer than using the brighter ones.

I realized, ones, my battery gets hot, I can't really stop it from draining quick, even closing all these apps unless

I switch off/on my phone which helps and the phone cools down and the battery drain is reasonable "normal".



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Re: Advice for customers reporting higher than expected battery consumption.

Same issue. cant rely on it if taking it out??/ and when dead it will not turn on straight away when charged so have to wait untilm its charged a fair bit then it comes into live.dont really want it if cant go out and use it

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Re: Advice for customers reporting higher than expected battery consumption.

[ Edited ]

What happens when the phone is purchased at a duty free shop at an airport of a country you may not visit again? Nobody is telling you that phones bought outside Europe are not covered by warranty in your own country.

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Re: Advice for customers reporting higher than expected battery consumption.

We've found the same issues. Once the "battery drain" starts to go, it doesn't seem to stop until a reboot.

We're trying to track down the causes/solutions here:
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Re: Advice for customers reporting higher than expected battery consumption.

Updated the firmware on my phone (800 running Windows 7.8) a few days ago and now the battery won't charge beyond 85%-even when left overnight on charge. Corresponding loss if battery hours during the day. Is this related to the firmware update or a complete coincidence that means I need to return the phone for repair?
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Re: Advice for customers reporting higher than expected battery consumption.

I would suggest you to rest your phone to factory.. This can be done from Settings>About> and then select the option to reset to factory.. (assuming you have backed up your content) I only needed my contacts which were backed up to my live account.


The reason i ask to do this is because i noticed the same thing.. Even when the phone was not in use i was loosing battery.. This is because of some specifice app.. After reset i setup my exchange account. My live account downloaded whatsapp ( used by my friends (Group) to keep us updated on daily plans).


Charged the battery before going to sleep in the night and then unplugged. Lo and behold the battery was still 100% in the morning.. Post this be very selective on the Apps you down load an do them one by one to notice any degradation in battery after installing the app. 


One of the problem i felt was once i linked facebook and it started putting pictures on my lock screen.. And also once i downloaded on of the connectivity manager apps which give you shortcuts to the connectivity (wifi, Bluetooth) i suddenly started seen huge power reduction.. Skype is agian something i have not yet installed.  Anyway point being go one by one on each app and give one full day before you install the next.. If you see reduction in battery delete the app and analyze again.. I am really happy with the battery performance i am getting .. I have over this taken all the steps listed on the nokia help page to improve battery life.. Where i have wifi i keep that on and disable data on the network.. This helps as well as you need only one source for connectivity..


Hope this helps..

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Re: Advice for customers reporting higher than expected battery consumption.

I bought this nokia lumia 820 just 3 days ago. To be frank the battery backup of this phone is pathetic. I have to charge the phone a minimum of four times a day to use it a whole day.i was an android user and i was using a Samsung galaxy s3 which has a quad core processor and easily lasts a day with a single charge. I charge this phone to 100% before i go to sleep, when i wake up the battery would have drained up so badly that the remaining charge would be like 30%. I really regret to have chosen this phone. I strongly recommend nokia to release a battery with more power to solve this issue, else i have planned to dump this phone and have decided not to buy any nokia products in the future.
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Re: reporting higher than expected battery consumption.

I purchased Nokia Lumia 820 three days ago.

and i have not installed any app yet.

i charged it 100% and left it on stand by with no data connection active. the battery died in less than 6 hours.

i wonder how long it will run if i start browsing at 3G speed.

i don't think it will last more than 2 hours.

is it a universal problem or only mine?


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Re: Advice for customers reporting higher than expected battery consumption.

I have a terrible battery problem where each 100% Charge only lasts for about 4 hours (or +30 if lucky). I feel that the heat generated from the device is at fault because this problem only happened after my device was practically on fire and all I was doing was watching Youtube videos. Even when everything was off and no background tasks were running, I still had the 4 hour life. Please help! I love this phone too much to give it up!
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Re: Advice for customers reporting higher than expected battery consumption.

Hi HiddenFlameXM18,


You might have seen or read this answer before. Some might even tried these steps but then again, to let you know, there're many features in your Nokia Lumia phone which increase the demand on battery power and reduce the battery life time. For example if the signal strength of the mobile network varies much in your area, your phone must scan for the available network repeatedly. This increases the demand on battery power.

You can set your phone to automatically save power when the battery charge level is low. To check the battery status and switch battery saver mode on, go to Settings > battery saver


To choose when you want battery saver mode to be activated, switch Battery saver toggle to On and tap advanced.

Note: When Battery Saver is on, your phone will no longer automatically receive email and calendar updates, update some Live Tiles and allow apps to run in the background.


If you are listening to music or otherwise using your phone, but do not want to make or receive calls, switch airplane (flight) mode on under the Settings menu.


Background apps


  1. Set your phone to check for new mail less frequently or even by request only. On the start screen, open up the email account you want to modify, and tap the three dots (...) in the right bottom corner of the inbox screen, and then tap Settings > sync settings and change the setting for Download new content.
  2. Some apps may run in the background unnecessarily. On the start screen, swipe left, tap Settings, swipe to applications and tap background tasks. Tap the app you want to block, and tap block. Please check that Nokia Drive+ Beta app is blocked (set to Off) in background tasks.
  3. Close the apps you are not using, to do that, press Back key. For example, when you are finished taking a picture, press the Back key to exit the camera viewfinder. 

The screen


  1. Set the screen switch off after a short time, go to Settings > lock screen (Lock+wallpaper) and change the setting for Screen times out after.
  2. Lower the screen brightness, go to Settings > brightness > Level. Switch the Automatically adjust to Off and select the level. 

Use network connections selectively


  1. Switch Bluetooth off when you do not need it, go to Settings > Bluetooth, and then slide the Status (Searching and discoverable) toggle to Off.
  2. Use a Wi-Fi connection to connect to the internet, rather than a mobile data (E, G, 3G, H+, 4G) connection.
  3. Stop your phone scanning for available Wi-Fi networks if those are not available, go to Settings > WiFi (Windows Phone 8: Advanced), and uncheck the box next to Notify me when new networks are found.
  4. Switch off location services if not needed – so the phone will not look up your location frequently in the background (Settings > Location services > Off).
  5. Use NFC on only when needed. To switch the tap+send feature off, go to Settings > tap+send, and switch NFC sharing toggle to Off.
  6. Switch off Connect with Xbox LIVE when you not need it, go to Settings, swipe to applications and tap games.
  7. Windows Phone 8: Stop your phone connecting to Xbox Music cloud collection go to Settings > Applications > Music+Videos, and switch all relevant settings off. 

In addition:


  • Always charge the battery fully. Check Settings > battery saver > battery information. Note that older chargers may not fully charge the battery.
  • Mute unnecessary sounds and functions, such as key press sounds and vibra. To do that, go to Settings > ringtones+sounds.
  • Use wired headphones, rather than the loudspeaker.
  • Make sure that your phone is running the latest software to get battery related improvements. Please check also that your phone apps are up-to-date

You can visit this link: for more information on how you can make your battery lasts.


Note: If the battery drains faster even there is no active feature or applications, try to switch off the power and then switch back on. The battery may also be worn out and needs to be replacing with a new one.


Hope these information help you. :smileywink:



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Re: Advice for customers reporting higher than expected battery consumption.

The problem heavily disturbs Lumia 620 users
battery life is so poor that if anybody know that such a great phone with a heavy price tag for a normal person gives poor battery performance than no body dares to purchase 620.
nokia should replace the 1300 mAH battery with 2000mAH battery for all the existing Lumia 620 users.

then only the faith of regular users of nokia will be there.

please nokia replace the battery and help the users

really the Lumia 620 battery sucks the mind
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Re: Advice for customers reporting higher than expected battery consumption.

Hi all,


I am facing a strange battery-related issue with my Lumia 920. At least 1 tme every week I notice a sudden drop in the charge level of the battery. I figured out, that the phone is misreporting the actual battery charge level. It reports a lot less charge level, than it actually has, resulting an automatic poweroff of the phone, even if the charge level is way over the ciritical level.


Easy to reproduce the issue, if anyone is facing similar sudden drops:


Step1) if you notice sudden drop in the battery charge level, goto system settings --> powersaving options --> write the currently reported battery level on a paper

Step2) on the main start screen press the power-on button for 5 seconds, so the Lumia offers the screen to shut the phone down. Proceed with shutting the phone down.

Step3: After it has been completely shut down, turn on the phone again, and wait until it boots completely

Step4: go into system settings --> powersaving options --> check the currently reported battery level

The reported value is HIGHER than before shutting the phone down? If the answer is yes, you are facing the same issue as me, and it is a hint to Nokia that there is some bug in the phone / WP8.


For the record, my Lumia 920 has the following SW version running:
Model: Lumia 920
Provider: CV HU Sw variant 434.01
Operating system version: 8.0.10211.204
FW version: 1232.5957.1308.0001
HW version:
Radio FW: 1.0.202093.3
System chip version number: 8960

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no replies by Nokia sup

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Re: Advice for customers reporting higher than expected battery consumption.

Is anybody reading this topic at all?

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Re: Advice for customers reporting higher than expected battery consumption.

I do sometimes