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Basic features of Nokia is lost in LUMIA 710

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Basic features of Nokia is lost in LUMIA 710

Hi Nokia Mediators,


I was using samsung from past 7 years & recently shifted to Nokia as many recommended me but it was my wrong decision !!!!!!!!!. I just wanted to list out the basic features which is lost in Nokia Lumia 710,


1.There is no phone lock inbuilt security feature, we need to install apps to do so

2.There is no locks available for messages, pictures, videos etc , any one can take my phone & get all the information , so we cant safegaurd our personal things

3.I can connect my mobile to my laptop only via Zune which is really pathetic as , we can access only video & music files from that.

4.There are features to create email account on windows live but no options to delete

5.I dont get popup of call cost which I made


Can you confirm us whether Nokia is planning to help us out via OS upgrade to overcome all these issues or we have to throw this phone as its of no use. Please dont cheat your customers , Nokia will really be loosing lots of customer because of this fake mobile which is Nokia Lumia 710.


Hoping for your revert

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Re: Basic features of Nokia is lost in LUMIA 710

Some of your doubts may be valid for you personally, however

1. Go Settings>System>lock+Wallpaper>check password and set your lock code. (you can also set a sim pin)

2. See 1 unless you hand the phone to someone when unlocked ?

3.True, along with photos, but what else do you want to access ?

4.You have to set your live account to use the Marketplace nothing to stop you adding or deleting many other email accounts. If you want to change your live account then you have to reset the phone, but you would have to set up another account with Ovi Store/Google Play if you changed ID ? But yes it would be better if you could change without a reset.

5.Even with call log it is the network that calculates cost not the phone, most metworks provide a text service to check your balance ?

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Re: Basic features of Nokia is lost in LUMIA 710

I am sorry to interrupt your conversation...

what else do you want to access ?

What else do I want to access???? Everything I save on my phone, all the files saved, application saved, documents saved, txt saved, everything....

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Re: Basic features of Nokia is lost in LUMIA 710

Why did you get a Windows Phone did you not know the way it worked before you purchased it, you did not buy a all Nokia device you brought a Nokia that runs Windows Phone 7 point Whatever.
plus it is a low end device which is now soon to be obsolete. Everything you complain about is software not hardware issues which are down to Microsoft not Nokia
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Re: Basic features of Nokia is lost in LUMIA 710

1. You don't have to install a third party app to do so. The default lock is actually very easy yet safe.
2. carman58 has said it.
3. Why? Do you also need to transfer your documents? You can do it with Skydrive though.
4. It's not a secret anymore. All Windows Phone are like this.
5. carman58 said it again.

Nokia DID NOT and DO NOT cheat people. Windows Phone is simply beautiful and if you get hang with it and understand it, you will find that things will be very easy for you. And the Lumia 710 IS NOT a fake smartphones.

Owned a Lumia 710 and extremely happy with it.
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Re: Basic features of Nokia is lost in LUMIA 710

I'm sorry to interrupt the converstation again,

but I don't agree with what is said, first of all when you buy a new phone you don't actually find in the specs all the things you might be interested in, like for the WP7 nobody stated clearly that the bluetooth was not transfering all files from phone to phone or pc etc, was also not stated clearly it was not supporting flash, or that a file manager was missing, so pratically you need to try the phone if you want to know what it can do. Secondly when you say it's a Microsoft issue and not a Nokia it's a bit lame, because Nokia decided to come out with Windows phones so the customer service should take care of all the complaints and pass them over to Microsoft, doing so you actually can improve the OS. But this is only my humble opinion.