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Re: Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8

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Re: Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8

Copy all contacts to your handset from old sim. Put new sim into old phone whilst in outer carrier and copy contacts to new sim. then remove from carrier and place in Lumia. No solution to sending music and photos though!!!
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Re: Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8

Copying contacts to SIM card and then place it to the new phone was an option 15 years ago. Nowadays all my contacts include a picture, address, web links, e-mails... etc. All this info is not supported in SIM address book. So, not an option. I already managed to sell my Lumia phone and bought an HTC running with Android OS. Man I`s satisfied now. DLNA support, can watch pictures and films on TV wirelessly...

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Re: Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8

Hi Garona. Congratulate you sold this Lumia and Enjoyfull your new HTC. But I waiting for buyer.. During I use this phone, sometime itwill restart itself... miss many call. This phone battery will drian in a day....awfully.
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Re: Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8

Same problem trying to transfer from HTC Touch II (WinMbl 6) to Lumina 800.


Not impressed :-\

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Re: Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8

Hello Nokia,

i'm a follower of nokia, i was expecting something big with windows phone after all nokia ditched it's own baby (symbian), but things seems to be lousy and unplanned, it's getting crazy here using windows phone. NOKIA just foget it's tag line. keep things simpler


@bluetooth - If nokia believes it is moving ahead(next Gen) with wp7.5 by not allowing users send /recieve files via bluetooth its just not happening, it is too early to stop bluetooth file transfer service, and make people force use clound/online services it has made people go mad on nokia, yes nokia should take this up with microsoft as microsoft is known for confusing itself in a planned planner this time they have nokia involved :smileyhappy:, Nokia is /will lose lot of revenue due to just one of this drawbacks, Nokia needs to view things from it's own business point not from microsoft point. nokia is in the business of selling handsets, not to count number of hits on websites, nokia may believe that they have low end handsets for such services, but people want to use best with existing services.


If Nokia believes they have done the right thing then next best thing would be to stop SMS services, let all the users use e-mail instead of SMS.


People like to share music, file, pics and thoughts via bluetooth this makes then happy and comfortable with the service, It is too early for them to be completely dependent on clound service, world is moving into making things simpler and more human, why is nokia making it complicated. atleast in this part of world atleast millions of people use bluetooth service for sharing files.


@Memory Usage - for some reason every application downloaded occupies more space then specified while downloading, users can allocate space in wp7.5 for videos, pics and music but under other/apps they are not exactly sure which app is using how much of space, atleast they can keep the best app and remove other if there is space crunch.


Lastly if microsoft is still rigid on their terms then nokia should seriously think of going back to it's own baby (symbian), and incorporate all the best views/technology from wp7.5/android & iphone, what symbian needs is a good face lift.


Thank you

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Re: Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8

Please be noted that the bluetooth on the Lumia has two uses:

1- Pair between the Lumia and accessories (headsets)
2- Pair between Lumia and other Phones through contact transfer.

you need to make sure that the device that has the contacts supports Bluetooth and a profile called PBAP (PhoneBookAccesProfile)
For Nokia devices this is supported on Symbian starting with S60 3.2 and S40 5th edition (please check on developer forum for a complete list).
Windows Phone 7 supported as well.
Meego with N9 is also supported (N900 is NOT supported)
Devices previous to that are not supported (S60 3.0;3.1);S80 etc.
If you have a device from another manufacturer we only have limited info: Apple I-Phone, I-Pad are supported, Blackberry launched in the past 2 years Android supports it as well. If the you get the error message Pairing device. Unable to complete the connection to the phone, or the connected phone is not supported. Please try connecting again, or choose a different phone it is either a device that is not supported or the Contacts Transfer application is out of date.
So the only option to connect the two phones is to transfer the contacts and through the contact transfer option only.
If the other device is not supporting the PBAP so please there are another options to transfer the contacts, the ways below are all the ways to transfer the contacts to the lumia:

1) You can transfer contacts to your devcie using CLOUD SERVICE

- After you have set your primary email in the device first use process , you can set Outlook , Yahoo , Gmail or Ovi mail as a secondary account and when you sign in all the contacts will be transfered automatically to your People HUB on your
windows phone .
- Exchange e-mail accounts are commonly used in corporate environments . Exchange account is configured by adding a new Outlook account
- Contacts can be synced to Windows Phone also by adding a Gmail or a Facebook account as a secondary account . Contact information is synced based on the information available . The consumer may get incomplete information
Some accounts may include only email addresses, not phone numbers

You can upload your contacts on you Email through :

** The outlook and Hotmail

- Try creating the connection between your phone and computer totally from scratch. Start by disconnecting your phone. In Nokia Suite, select Tools > Options > My devices. Select your phone at the top of the window and click Remove this
device. Then, select Tools > Add new device, and follow the instructions to reconnect the phone. Check that your sync settings are correct in Sync > Sync options > Device sync. Finally, try syncing again.

* Manual sync
- Open Nokia Suite--> Sync--> Sync option--> Uncheck the sync automatically everytime you connect the device.Then Sync--> Sync now--> Contact, Calendar& tasks, Messages or Notes one by one individually.

2) You can use the CONTACT TRANSFER application on your devcie :

- Like a car kit, the Contacts Transfer application uses a Bluetooth ,transfers your contacts from their old device to Windows Phone using a Bluetooth connection .
- Application pre installed on Nokia with Windows Phones . The Contacts Transfer application can be updated via Marketplace.
- Activate Bluetooth on source device .
- Launch the Contacts Transfer app on Windows Phone.
- Follow the on-screen instructions to finish contacts transfer.

** Initiating contacts transfer :

-Launch the Contacts Transfer app on the Windows phone
-Select Continue
-Bluetooth settings will be opened
-Activate Bluetooth (if disabled)
-Establish Bluetooth connection
-Select target device name from the list
-Accept pairing from target device
-Select Continue to begin contacts transfer
-Once the contacts from the source device have been transferred
-The consumer can optionally import SIM contacts
-The consumer is taken to People hub
*Select Cancel to finish contacts transfer
*Select Import to import SIM contacts
-Contact details in People hub include information about the contact source

You can activate the bluetooth on your E71 devcie through :

Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Connectivity > Bluetooth .

* Select from the following:

-Bluetooth — Turn Bluetooth connectivity on or off.
-My phone's visibility — To allow your device to be found by other devices with Bluetooth wireless technology, selectShown to all. To set a time period after which the visibility is set from shown to hidden, select Define period. To hide your device from other devices, select Hidden.
-My phone's name — Edit the name shown to other devices with Bluetooth wireless technology.
-Remote SIM mode — Enable or disable another device, such as a compatible car kit accessory, to use the SIM card in your device to connect to the network.

3) You can transfer contacts to your Windows Phone by using SIM IMPORT through :

- Contacts can be copied to a SIM card and imported to Windows Phone from Settings > Applications > People > then you will find IMPORT SIM CONTACTS above FILTER MY CONTACT LIST .
- You can get new MicroSIM from their operator . The operator can transfer old data to the new MicroSIM card .

4) You can transfer your contacts using the (.CSV) file through :

-If you has contacts in Outlook PC software they can export them to a .csv file

1.Select File | Import and Export... from the menu.
2.Make sure Export to a file is highlighted.
3.Click Next >.
4.Now make sure Comma Separated Values (Windows) is selected.
5.Click Next > again.
6.Highlight the Contacts folder.
7.Click Next >.
8.Use the Browse... button to specify a location and file name for the exported contacts. Something like "Outlook.csv" or "ol-contacts.csv" on yourDesktop should work fine.
9.Click Next > (once more).
10.Now click Finish.

- To import a .csv file to Windows Live on your PC

1.Sign in to with your primary Windows Live ID.
2.Click Manage, Import.
3.Click Outlook.
4.Select Microsoft Outlook (using CSV).
5.Click Browse, select .csv file, click open.
6.Click Import Contacts.

Note :
- If you entered a contacts you have already registered inmore than account it might be dupplicate .
- when transfer the contacts to your new Windows Phone it will transfer
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Re: Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8

about transfereing the files via bluetooth it is not supported but you can trnasfer files as attachments via email or when sync the files with zune you can copy it on the pc then send to any one or you can share with friends through skydrive
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Re: Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8

[ Edited ]

No one knows what skydrive is and most people still use dumbphones, what about it? 

There is no alternative to Bluetooth.

I work in a bank, half of my dept (9) have iphones, another half samsung Galaxy of different models. One guy has N8. None of them knows what skydrive is, and they don't "attach files in email", they use it mostly for talk, sms, a little gaming, surfing and sometimes camera.

What you suggest is laughable, you think that everyone is a geek?


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Re: Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8

I installed Nokia 'Contacts Transfer' app on Lumia 900 and used it to transfer all contacts from my N8 to Lumia, had no problem at all. After that tried to use bluetooth for some photos transfer, that didn't work, Lumia says that N8 is not supported device.
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Re: Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8



Thank you for your post.

Just to confirm the Bluetooth on the Windows phone doesn't support the required profile to send pictures via Bluetooth.

Please refer to the following link to see which profiles are supported:


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Re: Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8

I gave up with the Lumia; nice and smart, fast OS but full of holes. Anyone thinking of trading in an N8 for one take my advice and don't do it! It is a step backwards, data transfer is just one big miss and if you do ignore this advice and go ahead and get a Lumia you'll regret it big style. Hand on heart, this is the first Nokia phone that has dissapointed me and I now have to consider changing to a different manufacturer for the first time.
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Re: Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8

That is BS, if you were on the beach or you didn't have internet, the best  way to transfer a pics to your friend would be via Bluetooth. This is  stupid. nokia is not making the experience easier, instead you are pushing clients to galaxy phones

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Re: Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8

did you realize how many step did you write?


Bluetooth, activated, pair, transfer. Finish.  This is stupid if nokia don´t change This, the will lose millions of clients 

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Re: Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8

what are you going to do if you don´t have the computer with you?. or if I friend wants to tranfer a pic and dont have internet access? you would use bluetooth. this sucks
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Bluetooth - Lumia 800



Apart from Contact Transfer using bluetooth. Can anyone let me know what are the other uses of bluetooth in lumia-800 ?





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Re: Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8

The disappointment of not being able to Bluetooth pics and sounds is awful. Not everyone is data savvy and able to use computers. If Nokia doesn't sort this out they can have their phone back and I will have my money back. It says it has Bluetooth and this is not the case - therefore it is not what it says on the tin!
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Re: Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8

Nothing my friend
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Re: Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8

i am really dont undarstand what is this bay new phone and no working bluetooth usb no akcept i am no happy about this phone NOKIA 800 LUMIA :smileysad:


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Re: Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8

Hi guanita,


The Bluetooth Share application will be available once you have updated your phone. The 7.8 update is currently being released. You can check the availability of the update by connecting your phone to Zune software.


Check this link for more information:

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Re: Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8

Thankyou tiny chef ! Bluetooth now working !!