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Broken touch screen on Nokia Lumia 800

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Broken touch screen on Nokia Lumia 800

I bought a Nokia Lumia 800. I also got an insurance along with it. Recently the phone fell from my pocket and landed on the top right corner to the floor. The so called Corning's gorilla glass cracked. I went to the nearest Nokia care and asked them to repair it. They took a month just to reply to me (after so many follow-ups) that they cannot do it in my city (I live in Pondicherry, India) and had to send it to New Delhi fo repair. Even in that they were not sure if it will get repaired. The following statement is from an email from Nokia Customer Care.


"They’ll try to solve the issue. If it is repairable, they’ll repair. Otherwise they’ll return your handset without repaired. If they returned your handset without repaired, they’ll charge rs.175 for transportation expenses"


When i asked them what if they cannot repair it, he asked me to be positive... So the problem here is in many levels

1) Why did the phone glass crack from a fall of such short distance? The transmission of impact was from the body directly to the glass....(photo attached)

2) Why is there not enough support from Nokia Lumia 800 yet from all the service centers?

3) I am made to wait for more than a month with a cracked mobile phone......



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Re: Broken touch screen on Nokia Lumia 800

1) Gorilla Glass is 'Glass' and it can break/crack with impact, it is extremely robust, not indistuctable .

2)All service centres cannot supply full support everywhere, i have to have my Nokia sent away for repair in the UK if I have an issue and can take up to 30 days, so you are not being singled out and this applies to other makes as well.

3)See 2 and also if you have insurance as stated, and as it would never be considered a warranty issue as it was misuse by the user, contact your insurer, the issue is with them, if you paid for insurance, they are the people to contact ?


Good Luck

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Re: Broken touch screen on Nokia Lumia 800

I understand that the glass will break but the problem here was that the case transmitted the impact to the glass. That is poor design. More than the phone my problem is with the service. I am still using the broken phone. After a couple of months they finally told me that they will not be able to send it to Delhi from their center and i have to take it to another place to do so. This i was told today after more than a month....Not sure what kind of service this is....When asked why i was told about this earlier, i got the reply "I was not sure if you want to repair it" (active voice). I have been calling their service center everyday to check the status... I am travelling to the other state tomorrow just to talk to the other service center and to hopefully find a resolution. My next phone will not be Nokia...

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Re: Broken touch screen on Nokia Lumia 800

I think this might later but my phone now is same with your phone. the phenomenon of brocken is same and it might weak point of lumia touch screen.

I also took my phone to Nokia care in Vietnam and they told me they dont care for this problem causing by user. They can change it for me with charge expense (Over 200 $).

It is OK but i think nokia should be studied this problem which was happened in so much phone and take improvement for product reliability.

Now, i'm working for Samsung and any problem like it will be big problem. I'm not compare any things but nokia should thinking in small matter like it.

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Re: Broken touch screen on Nokia Lumia 800

I have faced the same break at the very same place. Is it the weak spot of lumia 800 screen, 'Achilies heel'!!!

Can we get a look from Nokia in this problem. Who would be the contact person for such an issue ???

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Re: Broken touch screen on Nokia Lumia 800

If the glass cracked due to simple day to day use, then this I could understand. Dropping a phone like the lumia is bound to cause damage somewhere and am not surprised the screen cracks durring a fall.

The problem with the Lumia is because the handset is sealed, the shock of an impact has to go somewhere.
If you have ever dropped a phone that has a removable battery cover, then it will usually spring off because the shock pushes itself outward and the battery cover taking the impact.
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Re: Broken touch screen on Nokia Lumia 800

Hi guys,

Please read the post above by Carman58, it explains everything perfectly. Nokia's advertising is accurate, and like any phone or electronic object, you cannot expect it to be indestructible just because it says it has Gorilla Glass.