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Re: Bug: Internet Sharing - Lumia 710 - Vodaphone ...

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Accepted Solution

Bug: Internet Sharing - Lumia 710 - Vodaphone India



I have Nokia 710 Lumia purchased recently which already has the Internet Sharing option. My 3G plan is from Vodaphone and it too works fine on the phone.


The issue comes when I use the Internet Sharing option.


For the first time, the tethering works. I can connect my laptop and iPad to my tethered Lumia and internet works on those devices. But within few minutes, the internet connectivity is not there and my laptop shows yellow exclaimation point at the wireless connectivity signal and upon diagnostics responds as


"DNS Server Not Responding".


I refetch the GPRS and Data settings from Vodaphone and the tethering works again, but within few minutes it down.


I tried to put WiFi off (so that there is no conflict), Internet Sharing ON (keeping all default names and passwords by Lumia as it is), I switched to my network settings and change the automatic network detection to manual - Vodaphone. etc. Nothing works.


I also switched Wifi off on my laptop and removed the wireless networks cache so that I would make connection newly each time (by supplying lumia's default Internet Sharing password). I then put it on and retry. But no avail.


Only when my CPRS / Data settings are newly received and when I reboot my phone and redo all the above steps on my lumia, when the internet works.


But for few minutes!!!


There is definitely some bug there in the Lumia's internet tethering setup. Please address it asap as Nokia would know that in India, tethering is only way to spread internet culture among rural areas as easily available WiFi arent available there.


Please help.



Vinit Sankhe (Vodaphone 3G user).

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Re: Bug: Internet Sharing - Lumia 710 - Vodaphone India

[ Edited ]

Just called Nokai Support in India and they confirmed this is a bug for 710. Apparently tuning off secure mode for wifi sharing i.e. without internet sharing password (in Settings -> Internet Sharing -> Setup -> Security Type as "None") did the trick.


I hope Nokia rolls out this and the Bluetooth file sharing fix sooner.

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Re: Bug: Internet Sharing - Lumia 710 - Vodaphone India

Sorry. Problem is not solved by removing password option. Internet connection sharing (3G) does not work on my Lumia 710.


[1] I have a Vodafone 3G SIM.

[2] When I 'reset' the phone, the connection is at 2G - i.e. 'E' is displayed.

[3] Internet connection sharing (hotspot) works fine, but at a low speed.

[4] I either use Vodafone helpline to get network setting sent to my phone

OR I also tried the 'Network Setup' app on the phone to update the network settings.

[5] When settings are updated, the connection shows 'H', i.e. 3G connectivity. But Internet sharing stops working.


I have been using the same SIM in a HTC Wildfire phone for around 8 months and I before that I was using a Nokia N71 (with the JoikuSpot app).


Internet sharing works fine in both phones. (I am typing this on my laptop after switching the SIM to the HTC phone.) - Which confirms that there is no problem with the SIM or the service provider.


So the bug is in the Nokia Lumia 710.


I have browsed the net for over two days and tried all the solutions offered. But nothing works.


Looks like Nokia released a dud phone into the market. Just do a Google search of 'Nokia Lumia 710 Internet Sharing problem' and I found many users complaining about this very problem. And the problem is several months old. NOKIA - please give us a solution, else one more loyal customer is going over to Samsung.

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Re: Bug: Internet Sharing - Lumia 710 - Vodaphone India

I have the same problem for which I have reset my lumia 710 quite a few times. I have taken it to Nokia care for which they hard reset it. It worked fine for 15 days after which the old problem has recurred. I use Tata docomo 3g network.
Nokia has purportedly giving deaf ear to this problem which has been a grievance of several users of lumia phones.
Off late I updated my os to win 7.8 with hope that the bug would have been addressed but in vain.
With this callous attitude it is dead end for lumia phones.