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Re: Camera app periodically doesn't save pictures ...

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Camera app periodically doesn't save pictures on lumia 920



I own new Limia 920 from Rogers communications in Canada and have found that periodically the camera app will not save a picture.


I open the camera apps, touch the screen to take a picture or use camera button and it will slide to the left as if it takes a picture but no picture is taken.  I find if I power down my phone, it will be fine again after the restart for some time and then it will begin to exhibit the same behaviour


The most challenging part is the phone looks like it is taking pictures so I have attended events and taken many pictures only to check hours later and find I have none of hose memories captured.  VERY FRUSTRSTING :smileysad:


I first noticed the issue on my wife's phone which is also a lumia 920 from rogers and a reboot resolves as well.  I have reset her phone and the issue still occurs. So it sppears to be either an issue with the app, OS or Rogrs customization since it occurs on multiple phones and a reboot resolves the issue

Has anyone experienced this issue?  Does anyone have any other fixes?






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Re: Camera app periodically doesn't save pictures on lumia 920

hi mate,

have you checked that you have all the latest Nokia system app updates in the Store. have you performed a soft reset or a hard reset? a hard reset is when you go to Settings > About > Reset your phone, and it wipes absolutely everything. you need to make a backup of all your personal data in this case, so I suggest doing that and then performing a hard reset. if the problem is still occurring, you will need to take your phone back to your point of purchase, or if they are being less than helpful, to take your phone to your local Nokia Care for inspection:
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Re: Camera app periodically doesn't save pictures on lumia 920

This has happened to me. I thought it might have to do with taking pictures while the phone is still locked, but I have been able to successfully do that, so if that is the problem it is intermittent.

Very frustrating indeed. And, as you mention, the phone looks like it's taking the picture.

The phone successfully took pictures before and after without a reset of any kind.

I am on AT&T, so I don't think it's a carrier issue.
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Re: Camera app periodically doesn't save pictures on lumia 920

Happened to me but theres a simple workaround.
Your photos are all there! They are not deleted in any way, they just simply get hidden somehow.
When this happens connect yout phone to a PC and find the hidden photos (there should not be a thumbnail) and then just copy them to the PC and back on the phone replacing them and voila, you have your photos back :smileyhappy:
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Re: Camera app periodically doesn't save pictures on lumia 920

[ Edited ]

Maybe you just have to get right your Time and Zone settings. I was having this trouble also, and not only with the Photos, but when I made an screenshot, I didn't save also. But I realized that my Time+Zone settings were incorrent. Then I got them right and voila! Everything's going ok in my phone now.