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Re: Can the type of microSIM affect call quality? ...

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Accepted Solution

Can the type of microSIM affect call quality? [Lumia 820]


I bought a Nokia Lumia 820 3 weeks back. I live in India and BSNL is my carrier. I have gone through 3 different types microSIMs.

Initially my nokia dealer cut the old SIM which I used in my nokia expressmusic [5130/5310?]

This had terrible call clarity and lot of dropped calls.

Then I tried to get a new microSIM from BSNL, but they gave me a normal SIM with small contact points. And this SIM was cut to microSIM size. This did not help with the call quality and droppped calls.

Finally I got a real microSIM from BSNL. With this SIM i have not had many dropped calls. But I am not 100% satisfied with voice quality. Some calls are crystal clear but while others sound muffled. Almost like someone did a bass boost. I have not been able to narrow down whether it is a problem with my phone or the callers phone. But never had this problem with my old Nokia ExpressMusic :smileysad:


Any tips/suggestions appreciated.




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Re: Can the type of microSIM affect call quality? [Lumia 820]

I would test that sim you have in another phone if possible to see if the same happens,this will narrow down if its the phone or sim..

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Re: Can the type of microSIM affect call quality? [Lumia 820]

..and to answer the Subject line.."Can the type of microSIM affect call quality?" .. its not the TYPE but the condition e.g. old, worn out or improperly / badly cut (as in your case earlier) will SURELY affect the performance ...

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