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Data Usage!

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Data Usage!

Dear Nokia,


I've been posting about how to check my data usage at Microsoft Community but I was told to check with Nokia instead. They've also given me a link to download an app which is Nokia Counters. But it does not support on my Lumia 920 and also Lumia 820 too. I think it doesn't support on WP8. Also some WP7 users did have some problem with Nokia Counters after they've update their WP7 for the new WP8 tiles update. 


3G and 4G plans are becoming more expensive and less free data bundles like 2gb to 5gb only. Now why would i buy a great Windows phone when i can only use less data on my phone? WP users are complaining at Microsoft Community about data usage and been having unacceptable bills and most of them are Nokia users too.


Could you please help us? We need an app to monitor our data!

Hope to hear from you soon...Thank you.




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Re: Data Usage!

hi mate,

as MS stated at the launch of WP8, Data Sense is dependent on carrier and there are only a handful of network carriers supporting this feature at present. you are correct in saying that only Nokia Counters is supported on WP 7/7.5/7.8, not WP8.

this may change in the future, but so far there have not been many apps, i do use one though that works for me with my network carrier here in australia, its called Call Credit. look for it in the Store as your network carrier may be supported by the app.....
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Re: Data Usage!

Here in the UK, I'm with Vodafone. For my bill I get decent breakdown of costs and usage, online

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Re: Data Usage!

All here are users, just like you. Discuss this with your carrier.

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Re: Data Usage!

You think he will get anywhere discussing with his carrier? A better option is to switch to another platform which allows you to have basic functions like data monitoring and call blocking without making you dependent on the mercy of your carrier whether you can have it or not.


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Re: Data Usage!

Another thread on this topic has highlighted this app.



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Re: Data Usage!

Just purchased a Lumia 625. Same problem no data usage monitor.  I think I should have stuck with an Android device.  Anyway, the first thing I always do with a phone is figure out how to turn off the data, which is always well buried deep in the layers of menus.  So until an app becomes available that works, data is turned off and I will only use Wifi where available.  Not going to be ripped off by the phone carriers.

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Re: Data Usage!

Unless you have a carrier locked phone and your carrier blocks it you have Datasense available on the 625.


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