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How to tell if my phone is locked or not by the ca...

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How to tell if my phone is locked or not by the carrier

 I bought this lumia 920, there are the service carrier apps installed as default.

I want to know if it is locked by the carrier so that I can use other carrier's SIM card.

Phone information:

OS version:8.0.9903.10

Firmware revision number :1232.2109.1242.1002

Hardware revision number:

Radio software version:1.0.202041.3

Chip SOC version :8960

Mac address:35-C6-038B-70-30



SIM ID: 1111111111111

Nokia enhancements:


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Additional info

Manufacturer model name


Mobiler operator name


Configuration ID



The above are the information about my phone 

can I tell if it locked , thank you


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Re: How to tell if my phone is locked or not by the carrier

Hi mate,

Sorry what carrier are you with? You will have to ask them if you are locked to them or not. If you are saying that they have a whole bunch of their apps installed on the phone, my guess is that is locked to them. As I've said though, would pay to check with them, and also when you ask to get it unlocked, try another carrier's SIM card with them and ask about things like if the tethering has been unlocked etc, as carriers can sometimes lock this too, unbeknown to the user.
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