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Lumia 520 Unable to unlock

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Lumia 520 Unable to unlock

Hi, a month old Nokia Lumia 520 bought on Vodafone network would not unlock.
I have purchased the unlock code from Vodafone.
Instructions on what to do has been given, I have followed this instruction that requires me to insert another carrier SIM card. Advice to key the sim pin if necessary. After this I should be migrated to SIM unlock UI platiform where I sboulder be able to insert the NUC. All my other carrier Sim cards are not pin protected but this phone kept asking for sim pin.
Even if you put the generic sim pin it will come up with error message stating that you have 9 attempts renaming. From here it will not recognise and pin if you have one.
I did not even allow me to get to where I will insert the NUCI got from the carrier.
Please has anyone experience this type of problem.
Please what shall I do.
Thank you all.

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Re: Lumia 520 Unable to unlock

3 incorrect entries of the PIN cause the SIM to lock, so if the phone's telling you that you have 9 attempts remaining then you've already locked the SIM and it's the PUK code that you need now.

Once you've entered the PUK it'll ask you for a new PIN. Thereafter you should be able to enter the restriction code that you got off Vodafone.

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Re: Lumia 520 Unable to unlock

Thank you for yo55ur assistant.
But if I insert any Vodafone card it does not request me for sim pin
I shall like to express that even when I inserted another card which is from another carrier it shows 10 attempt and when U just enter the a pin it come back with error, but this is just only one attempt, it does not even allow 2nd attempt less the 3rd.
I have inserted 2 different cards which are not pin protected as these card works on my other phones.I have been to the Vodafone customer centre to see if it could be opened. The customer service attendant and myself collect another carrier SIM card which was not pin protected. It shows 10 attempt at the beginning, and it will allow an entry for once and come back with error and from thereon nothing could be possible.
Please how do I get this PUK.
Thank U
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Re: Lumia 520 Unable to unlock

[ Edited ]

If your Sim is blocked you can still use your phone by inserting another SIM.

PIN and PUK are two different codes, PIN is 4 digit and PUK is 8 digit. PIN has 3 attempt beyond which it will ask PUK. While PUK has 10 attempts, beyond 10 wrong entries it will block SIM.

Your SIM wasnt PIN protected as you say, but for some reason your phone may have asked you to enter PUK. (which you seem to have mistaken it for PIN)
If you have forgotten your PIN/PUK number, call the carrier helpline and they will help you.

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Re: Lumia 520 Unable to unlock

Thank you for helping me.
I do understand that the PUK is different from PIN.

I have inserted different SIMs of different carrier into this phone but it kept asking for the SIM PIN.

As I have said above I got the Network Unlock Code from the Vodafone already.

The procedure I need to follow is to insert another carrier sim card and that if it requires pin I should put it then it will take me to the sim unlock UI when I shall enter the NUC..
But my problem is that it kept requesting for sim pin of other carriers sim even if they are not sim protected.

This phone can only accept the Vodafone card without asking for sim pin.
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Re: Lumia 520 Unable to unlock

Sim card may not be sim protected, but in some occasion it does ask for PIN, like while saving gprs setting or so.
Did you try putting correct PIN for new sim card when prompted? I hope you know that PIN number is different for different sims.
After entering PIN it should take you to unlock UI. Do let us know if it worked.
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Re: Lumia 520 Unable to unlock

Its like majority of my contributors are not understanding my argument.

Let me start again.

I want to open a Lumia 520 to work with any phone carrier as it is presently restricted to work only on the Vodafone.

I have contacted Vodafone to buy a Network Unlock code and I was issued with 20 digit code with the instruction on how to carry out the process.

Please follow me from here below is the instruction given.

Further to your communication with Vodafone regarding the unlocking of your Nokia Lumia handset, I have set out the following procedure and unlocking code:

1 Switch the phone off and Insert a non-Vodafone SIM Card into the phone

2 Switch the phone on and enter SIM card PIN code if requested

3 Wait for the SIM unlock UI to open

4Type in the 26174305934158463591 (20 digits) and press enter.

NB. If the handset fails to unlock, then please do not attempt to enter any sequence more than twice, as you will risk permanently blocking your handset. I hope that you will find this information straightforward.

Above is the instruction but the problem is the stage 3.

Now if I insert a non-vodafone sim of any carrier it kept asking for a sim pin EVEN IF THE SIM IS NOT PIN PROTECTED.

I have made effort to collect an orange non sim protected card from the T-Mobile shop, this Nokia phone still request for a sim pin.
This has not allow me to proceed to stage 4 of the procedure.

I will not think that all other carrier sim will require PUK code as suggested above.

Please could anyone assist on how to contact Nokia directly as this problem seems strange.
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Re: Lumia 520 Unable to unlock

@Oldpapa I understand that YOUR SIM ISNT PROTECTED, but what I am trying to tell is that at some cases it does ask for PIN. Yes it may ask for PIN, even if it is unprotected, as stated in step 2.

But since you said that even after entering generic PIN its not accepting, please contact Vodafone for assistance. They will help you at best. Or get it unlocked from them itself by visiting Vodafone Care Shop.

If you wish to contact Nokia, you can check on their website for helpline number or nearest Nokia Care.
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Re: Lumia 520 Unable to unlock

Nokia supply SIM-free handsets to the networks, which then decide whether and how to lock them. Both the unlock codes and the unlock procedures are owned by the networks, not by Nokia. Nokia cannot do anything about unlocking a handset, it is 100% up to the network which has locked it, therefore you should pursue the issue further direct with Vodafone, preferably in person in a Vodafone shop.